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Monday, February 3, 2014

Project 365: January

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to take more pictures of my family. I took so many pictures in Cooper’s first year – over 3,000 – and since his first year I probably haven’t taken that many in three years combined. Sad. It’s gotten even worse since I got my iPhone. I never pull out the big camera anymore. Anyone else have this problem?

Anywhoodles, my resolution was to be better about taking pictures. Not just about taking pictures of the kids but about taking pictures of me with the kids. If you haven’t read this article (it was floating around on Facebook a few weeks ago), please please please click and read it. I promise it is worth your time.

So You’re Feeling Too Fat To Be Photographed

Wow. Ouch. That really hit home for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve skipped pictures with the kids because I wasn’t “done.” Or I’ve deleted pictures that show rolls or double chins. Or just skipped out completely because who wants to see that?

Your kids want to see that. Your husband wants to see that. What if, God forbid, something happened to you? Do you want a total of three pictures to be your legacy to your children if they are young? I promise you they won’t care. When I look at pictures from my childhood, I remember the experiences. The fun. The love. I don’t see my mom’s crazy permed hair or her shoulder pads or any extra weight she may have carried. Your kids won’t either.

Take the darn pictures.

Off my soap box. That article made me think, and I decided to pledge to myself to take at least a picture a day of my kids. Including myself as much as possible. Not everyday, no. But certainly more than the 5 pictures a year I’ve averaged in years past. I promised to forget the makeup. Not worry about what I’m wearing. Quit lecturing Jason on “making sure you use the angle that doesn’t make me look fat(ter)”. Just be in the moment and capture it on film as much as possible.

At the recommendation of my friend Sarah from Life Sweet Life I downloaded the app Project 365. It prompts you to take a picture daily, and it uploads to the webpage so if something happens you don’t lose your pictures. I also love I can add descriptions so I can remember what was happening that day. I plan to make these pictures into a book at the end of the year.

Without further adieu, here is January!

Jan 1-5 2014

1. New Year’s Day was super laid back, hence the jammies on Dad and the old man gown on Sully. 2. We tried out the high chair for the first time – he looks so big! 3. Big brother loves to love on Little Brother. We are working on gentle touch… Cooper is so rough! 4. We went to a birthday party for my Aunt Beth. My boys are so handsome! 5. Sparkly nails always lift my mood. This is OPI All Sparkly and Gold.

Jan 6-14 2014

6. This is what you get when you procrastinate taking down your Christmas decorations. I walked outside to find my pot had shattered. Sad face. 7. Mommy and Sully waiting on Big Brother in the car line. 8. I’ve called both Cooper and Sully “bear” and I think this little jacket is just perfect! 9. I took a meal to my sweet friend Virginia after she had her baby. Paula Deen’s Double Chocolate Ooey Gooey Bars hit the spot! 10. When I make a cheese plate, I make a cheese plate. Jason loves to chow down on this for dinner. 11. Cooper was the King of the House-hold for a day. 12. I finally got all the Christmas decorations down and deep cleaned the downstairs. I felt the need to record the moment so I’d have proof it was clean, at least for an hour or so. 13. Little Brother partied so hard he kicked his sock clean off. 14. COOPER TURNED 4!!!

Jan 15-20 2014

15. Here’s one of those no makeup pictures I was talking about. 16. Best part of my day… the rare occasion my busy boy will slow down and fall asleep in my arms. 17. Nothing is cuter than matching brothers. 18. We joined my parents at our local German restaurant for a belated Cooper and Papa birthday celebration. 19. I captured a quick moment when Sullivan was sitting up unassisted. He fell over 2 seconds later. 20. Daddy had today off work and it was a lazy PJ day indeed.

January 21-25 2014

21. I started Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon bible study at church and it is rocking my world. 22. What does the fox say? 23. The sweetest brothers you ever did see. 24. We visited a new doughnut shop in town – they have a topping and glaze bar. Yummo! 25. Date night with these two after Little Brother went to bed – we watched The Avengers.

January 26-31 2014

26. Sick baby! He had the croup. 27. We celebrated Uncle Chad’s birthday by looking cute in our football gear. 28. We packed up and headed off to school and bible study. We got home just in time to see some sleet! 29. Snowmageddon! Daddy stayed home and we had fun in the snow. Oh, and we celebrated Mommy’s birthday. 30. We met my parents for a birthday dinner at the Cracker Barrel. 31. Date night for Mom & Dad!

It isn’t too late to start Project 365! I highly encourage you to jump on board.

I created the collages in PicMonkey.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


Natalie said...

Great project. And that cheese plate!!! :)

Sonya said...

I did 365 a few years ago and I loved it. It's really fun to look back at all the pictures after the year is over.

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