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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2014, Part 1

Well howdy there! I’d apologize for falling off the face of the Earth yet again but I don’t think anyone is still reading at this point. Ha! If you are reading, please know my absence was not planned. I got all jazzed about starting to blog again and then BOOM! I broke my wrist. Isn’t that how it always works? The best laid plans and all that. More on the broken wrist later…

I know Christmas has come and gone and many of you are on to bigger and better things. However, for documentation purposes I wanted to share some of my Christmas décor. Hopefully this will be useful for next Christmas! I do always end up googling my blog for what I’ve done the year before because – let’s face it – I’m not getting any younger and I can’t remember anything.

First off, in the interest of full disclosure – I have 7 trees in my house. Actually, I have nine but two are teeny tiny and don’t get decorated. I know, some of you are rolling your eyes right now. Maybe it seems excessive to you, but I LOVE Christmas. I love Jesus, Santa, family celebrations, cookies, trees, stockings… pretty much everything associated with the season. Seeing my house decked out for Christmas is one of the highlights of my year. It makes me happy, and if it makes you judge me – so be it.

I actually got some hate on Twitter from someone I considered a friend after I posted my trees to Instagram. I was called superficial and excessive. Um, do you know me?! I will cop to both of those things at times. But here’s the thing… why do you care? Seriously. Why do you care what I spend my time and money on? Why do you care what my house looks like? How does it affect you at all? It doesn’t. For the record, I’ve been collecting Christmas décor for years. The bulk of it was purchased over a period of 5 years either on Black Friday or during after Christmas sales. Two trees came from Goodwill. I don’t change up my décor each year; I reuse what I have. One of my trees has a busted stand and is Magyvered by wooden skewers and one tree is lopsided and that pot it stands in has to be stuffed with cans to stand upright.

It is not as fancy as you think.

I do have to give a big thanks to my mom – she came over the week after Thanksgiving for three days and helped me put up my trees since my arm was in a cast. Love you Mom!


This is my living room tree and mantle. This tree is actually new this year. All my other trees are 6ft, 4ft, or 3ft trees and I wanted something a little bigger for the living room. I found this one at Lowe’s and is the the bomb! It connects in three sections. You pull down the branches and it requires no fluffing. Because really – isn’t fluffing the worst part of putting up a tree?

I used burlap and brown mesh, burlap and leopard flowers, and brown and gold ornaments. My favorite part of the tree is the monogram H. I got a plain black metal letter from Carolina Pottery and spray painted it gold.

My mantle is a little Edward Scissorhands but I love it. I’ve had that Santa picture for years and I decorate my mantle around it. The pictures on the bottom are new. We did a Santa photography session with the boys this year and I framed the pics.


This is my entry tree, which is new this year (the location, not the tree. This tree used to be in the living room.) This is our “family ornament” tree. It has all my childhood ornaments as well as the ornaments I’ve collected for myself, Jason, Cooper, and Sullivan over the years. Every year each person gets a new ornament that somehow relates to their interests or personality. I used gold and red mesh, curly glitter sticks, and feathers for the topper.

The nutcrackers are actually from Dollar General. Huge, sturdy, and well made and they were only $30 a piece. Some small nutcrackers cost more than that!


Here’s the rest of the entry. In case you couldn’t tell, we collect nutcrackers. We buy a new one every year (usually at the post Christmas sales) and hope to pass them down to the boys one day. The light up nutcrackers are from Kirklands.

dining room 2013

I apologize for the dining room pictures – there really isn’t an easy way to photograph this space. I didn’t do much in here. The table runner is reversible – the other side is brown chevron. I had mentioned I wanted to start a collection of Christmas china so Jason gave me some Spode dishes as a Christmas gift. I hope to add to it each year!

kitchen2013 Collage

My kitchen is just sort of a mish mash of items I’ve received as gifts over the years. Our kitchen table is from RTG and is about 6 years old. It’s in terrible shape. The paint is flaking off and peeling, and it is oddly sticky to the touch when you clean it or wipe it down. I finally stopped trying to make it look good and covered it with a plastic tablecloth. Kid proof and easy to wipe down. I figured I have kids so why not make it kid friendly instead of stressing out over spills? One day I’ll get a new table – this will do until then.


This is Cooper’s room. He used to have Sullivan’s tree that you see below, but since he’s moved out of the room I got him his own tree this year. He wanted a superhero tree and I think it turned out really cute! The topper is a mask from the toy section at Walmart. The ornaments I found at Walmart and Target. The tree skirt is from his 2012 Halloween costume.

The bedding was a total steal from Stein Mart. $35 for the quilt, sheet set, and two shams. It was 50% when I wandered in there one Friday night.


This is Sullivan’s tree (actually Cooper’s old tree). It’s filled with sock monkeys and Santas. The large sock monkeys came from Kirklands.

upstairshallway2013 Collage

This tree is in my upstairs hallway. It’s the one that has the broken tree stand and sadly, I think we may have to retire it in another year or so. It gets harder to get up each year. I use a lot of brightly colored ornaments and this year I added pink mesh. It’s very disco-y and shiny and I love it. Since it is a 4ft tree, I popped it up on a box and covered it with silver sequin fabric.


This tree is in our bedroom. It’s 4ft and the pot it sits in is lopsided so I have to do crazy things each year to get it to stand upright.


We’ve never decorated the outside before (other than a wreath and our small trees), so this is new this year. I just can’t get Jason on board with putting lights on the house. He’s all “do you want me to die?” and “it is not SAFE Andrea” and my response? “If Clark Griswold can do it, you can do it.”

The “theme” of the porch is snowmen hats. Love love love.


Before I had kids I thought inflatables were the tackiest thing ever… and then I had a kid who loves inflatables. So now we have inflatables! This is the most I could get Jason to agree to.

We actually added another when they went on sale at Target…


Well that’s it! Hope you enjoyed my Christmas tour of homes!

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