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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 23-38

Super slacker blogger, reporting for duty here! This pregnancy has been emotionally and physically hard on me, and I have let blogging slide in order to get other things done. I’m hoping to gradually get back into the swing of things!

As you read this, I actually am holding my baby boy! Sullivan Willard James House was born on September 4th, 2013 at 1:02 p.m.

Since I am such a slacker, I’ll be recapping weeks 23-38 of pregnancy.


How I’m Feeling:

I felt pretty good from weeks 23-30. I was sleeping through the night and my energy returned. I’m not going to lie – working full time, being a mom to a toddler, and running a household is not an easy feat while pregnant. But it was easiest to manage during this time frame.

Around week 30 I started to get really uncomfortable. I had a lot of back pain and continued experiencing the sciatic nerve pain. It also became super hard to get things done. My normal activities, like cleaning the house or even doing home visits for work, became exhausting. Being pregnant during a Georgia summer is no joke – I avoided being outside at all costs.

Around 35 weeks I started to really slow down. My doctor signed me out of work at 35 weeks, and while I wasn’t on strict bed rest, I definitely had to slow down and rest often. I stopped sleeping at this point – I was extremely uncomfortable lying down and was getting up to use the bathroom every hour on the hour. Uncomfortable is a good word to describe the next few weeks – it hurt to sit down, it hurt to stand up, it hurt to lay down. There was really no good position to be found. I didn’t really experience that with Cooper, so this was really surprising and challenging to me.

Doctor Appointments:

If you remember from my last post, I start showing signs of pre-eclampsia at 22 weeks. Scary! I did develop pre-eclampsia with Cooper at 35 weeks. With him, I was placed on bed rest at 35 weeks and was induced at 37.

At 22 weeks, my blood pressure was elevated, I had +1 protein in my urine, and my liver enzymes were elevated. I was also experiencing swelling in my feet and legs. My OB started me on on a low dosage of Aldomet (a blood pressure medication that is safe to take when pregnant). Luckily the Aldomet regulated my blood pressure pretty well and I stayed pretty stable BP wise until about 35 weeks. At my 22 week appointment, my OB told me she would be surprised and pleased if I made it to 35 weeks.

I continued to experience elevated BP, elevated liver enzymes, and protein in my urine throughout my pregnancy. I had elevated liver enzymes prior to pregnancy (I am diagnosed as “non-alcoholic fatty liver”) so this was something we had to watch carefully. The protein in my urine varied from normal to +2 and I had to do three 24 hour urine collections – no fun! My BP is not high at all when I am not pregnant, but my average level on BP medication was 140/80. My “warning level” that I was told I could not exceed was 150/90 (with the bottom, or diastolic, number being the primary concern).

I did get into a car wreck at 35 weeks. I was driving through a parking lot and someone backed into me. I did end up going to Labor and Delivery for monitoring, and while initially my BP was super high it did end up coming down after I had calmed down.

At 36 weeks 3 days, I woke up on Saturday morning feeling an intense rage. Really – that is the best way to describe it. I was being such a brat and every little thing just sent me into a tizzy. In retrospect I should have known it was my blood pressure because I experienced something similar with Cooper. After dinner that night, Jason took my BP and it was 190/117. Yikes! I immediately went and laid down while Jason called my OB. She decided against sending me to L&D and told me to increase my BP meds. My BP did end up coming down but from that point forward I was well over my “warning level”. My liver enzymes began to creep up and I still had protein in my urine. My OB made the decision to induce me at 38 weeks.

I had two more ultrasounds, one at 28 weeks and one at 36 weeks. The ultrasound at 28 weeks was to check Sullivan’s heart. They didn’t get a great picture at my 20 week ultrasound. Thank goodness everything looked great! We checked his size and weight at 36 weeks and I was told he weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces.

I was scheduled to be induced on September 4th, 2013.




During my 36 week ultrasound, I was told he weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces.

As for Mommy… I never filled out with a typically baby belly, which I was super upset and self conscious about. I guess I just don’t carry my babies that way! Even up until the day I delivered I had people tell me they didn’t realize I was pregnant (I guess they just thought I was obese?!). Please, for the love of Pete, never tell a plus size woman that she doesn’t look pregnant. I realize this doesn’t apply to all of us (some bigger girls do develop a basketball belly!) but there is nothing worse than the unspoken “well, you’re fat” judgment I felt from people who continuously made comments about me not looking pregnant.

According to my OB office, I gained 2 pounds this pregnancy. I lost weight at the beginning of the pregnancy, gained about 10 pounds back, and then around week 35 started losing weight again. Odd. I think I will end my pregnancy weighing less than I started, which was also the case with Cooper.


I have much more of a sweet tooth this time around. I like to end my day with some sort of treat (current love is the Great American Cookie Company’s Chocolate Pecan Supreme cookies).


Nesting kicked in hardcore around week 30. Jason spent 2 weeks in Washington (state) in July, and I took that time to spring clean the house. I scrubbed kitchen grout, organized all our closets, created a huge Goodwill donation pile, shampooed at the carpets… you name it, I did it.

I created this epic to do list and just slowly chipped away at it. When I was 32 weeks pregnant, I decided I *had* to bleach and scrub the grout in the kitchen. I spent about 2 hours on my hands and knees on our tile floor. I do not recommend this – and it is worth nothing that in 2 years of living in our house, I had never had that desire before. Crazy pants!

We have lived in our house in Georgia for 2 years and it wasn’t until I found out I was pregnant that we decided to remodel/take on major house projects. Our whole entire house was painted a flat, builder tan color and we’ve basically customized the whole house (minus our bedroom, baths, and foyer). I came up with some crazy custom paint ideas and Jason implemented them all.

I do have to say I didn’t get everything done on my “To Do Before Baby” list but I am proud of what I did get done.


Jason continues to be a rock star. He has done so many big projects throughout my pregnancy. Anything I’ve dreamed up that I wanted to do, he has done. He painted Cooper’s big boy room, the dining room, the kitchen, the living room, and created a chalkboard wall in our foyer. All these were huge projects that he completed on his weekends. I’m a lucky girl. I’ll be sharing pictures soon!

Big Brother:

Cooper has been so excited about becoming a big brother. At every doctor’s appointment, he would ask me beforehand if I was going to be bringing home “Sulliban”. We’ve been really talking up his responsibilities as a big brother and I think he gets it as much as any 3.5 year old can understand.

We put together goody bags for Cooper and Sullivan to give to one another. We took Cooper to Build A Bear and let him pick out and customize a bear for Sullivan. I also ordered a matching lovey (it matches Cooper’s lovey exactly, except for the monogrammed name) for Sullivan. Sullivan gave Cooper a VTech Kidizoom camera, a Big Brother picture book, and some Jake & The Neverland pirates stickers and tattoos.


I hope to get back into the swing of blogging soon! I know what you are thinking – is she crazy? Well, now that the crazy nesting instinct has passed and I can sit down for more than 5 minutes without stressing out about my to-do list, I should have more down time. Maybe. Ha!

Coming soon… the birth story!

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