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Monday, March 11, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 12

12 weeks 2 days

This will pretty much be an update of weeks 6-12 since I've been a little MIA on the blog. I can't promise I'll be doing these weekly (no one wants to see weekly picture of my "is she fat or or she pregnant? oh, she's both!" belly) but I'll update as often as I can and as I feel up to it. 

TTC/How We Found Out:
I had my IUD removed in May and we had been trying ever since. We weren't hardcore about it (I wasn't charting or tracking my temps like I did with C) and had just kind of decided to go with the flow. It had reached the point where I had decided I would starting charting and temping in January. 

We found out very early. I am almost positive I conceived right around Christmas, and we found out the first week in January. Jason and I had a date night, and I was so full after dinner that I told him I would just rather go straight home and rent a movie. When we got home we went upstairs to change into pjs and I made the comment "man, my stomach is so hard right now! It is just like when I was pregnant with Cooper!" Jason told me he had a feeling I was pregnant (he swears he knew the instant it happened with Cooper and with this baby *eye roll*) and told me to test. I did, and it had the faintest line you have ever seen. I was convinced it was a bad test, but Mr. Know It All declared I was pregnant. 

I tested again the following day, and again there was a (slightly darker) faint line. I brushed it off again but my husband strutted around the house like he had won a Nobel Prize. 

The next day I took a digital test and it said "pregnant." I decided then it was ok to accept that yes, I was pregnant. 

How We Told Our Families
We told Cooper right away. At first he was like "yeah, ok, I have a baby in my belly, too!" but as the weeks have gone by it has sunk in more and more. 

We told our my mom, dad, & brother's family right around week 7. I wanted to wait, but I was not feeling great and Jason thought it would be best to share so they could help with Cooper if we needed. My parents were coming over for dinner so I dressed Cooper in the outfit you see below. It took my mom about 15 minutes to notice what his shirt said. We had to tell my dad. I sent my brother the picture and he got it right away. 

I told everyone else on Valentine's Day with the announcement you see here.

How I'm Feeling:
This pregnancy is so different from Cooper. It's like night and day! With Cooper, I was sick 5-8 times a day. However, as soon as I would vomit, I would feel much better and could go about my day. I also lost a lot of weight (20 pounds) in my first trimester because I threw up almost everything I ate. I was exhausted and I slept amazingly. The MS lasted until about 20 weeks and the exhaustion went away after the first trimester.

This baby is kicking my butt. I don't know if it is because I'm older (34 versus 30) or what, but I feel awful. I feel sick all the time. I rarely vomit, but I just feel nauseous 24/7. I can't sleep. I'm so tired and I fall asleep around 10pm each night, but I end up waking up around 2am and being awake for several hours. I've also started experiencing sciatic pain. It's a sharp shooting pain that starts in my back and travels down into my hip. I have had acid reflux from the get go (but I have it when I'm not pregnant so....). I started a new medicine and it keeps it in check as long as I take it daily. I also have horrible allergies this go round. With Cooper I was able to stop taking my allergy meds throughout my pregnancy but I am a mucus machine this go round. I honestly think that contributes to my 24/7 nausea. 

Doctor Appointments:
I saw my doctor at 7 weeks and received my first ultrasound. I've been very paranoid this go round, so it was good to see the heartbeat. I did text a friend right after because at 7 weeks the baby looks like a giant blob. I didn't remember that from Cooper. 

I had my 12 week appointment last week and it was fine. It did take my OB about 5 minutes to find the heartbeat and during that time I thought I would stroke out on the table. But they did find it!

No idea! My mom did make me do the Drano test, which says it is a girl. (I guess this was the gender prediction method in the late 70s and it worked for her and her friends. It was also accurate with C.) I also took the baking soda gender prediction test, which said it was a girl. If I had to guess, I would guess it was a girl. The only reason I say that is because this pregnancy is so different from Cooper. 

Honestly, I'm ok with either. Jason wants to have a girl because this is a our final child and he'd ideally like to have one of each. I'm ok either way! I just want a healthy baby!

Baby is currently the size of a peach. 

Mommy's size: I initially lost about 10 pounds, but I've gained about 2 pounds back. (This may be the only time I speak about weight - haha!)

I don't really have any true cravings, but I am really into water lately. It has to be loaded with ice cubes and be ice cold. I am starvin marvin all the time, but I only eat little bits and am full... until a few hours later when it starts all over again. 

Jason is a rock star. Really! He's been so helpful. I haven't felt well at all and he's really taking up the slack around the house. The only reason the house has been cleaned at all in the past 2 month is because he has done it. He cooks, cleans, does laundry, goes to the store when I need it... I could not ask for a better baby daddy. 

Big Brother:
Cooper has really caught on to the fact that I'm pregnant. He talks about the baby a lot. A few weeks ago we went shopping and walked through the baby section. He kept saying "The baby needs that, Mom!" He kisses my belly, and he's convinced it is a boy. 

We have started the transition to the big boy room. We've got the furniture, have painted (well.... we got the accent wall painted, and then I decided the rest of the walls needed to be a different color so it is in progress), and have the bedding and wall art. We need to finish painting, put the bedding on, and get the art on the walls. Cooper is very excited about moving but I'm having a hard time letting go of the crib. I know it might be ridiculous, but to me it is the last bit of "baby" left. 

Maternity Clothes: 
The picture you see at the top is of me, trying on clothes at Motherhood Maternity this past weekend. Shoot me now.  

I wore mostly regular clothes throughout my pregnancy with Cooper. I added in about 5 pairs of maternity pants towards week 25. However, my maternity clothes with Cooper are all winter clothes, so I ordered a few pairs of pants from JC Penney (which is one of the few stores that carries plus size maternity). Um, no bueno. I ended up returning them all. 

Motherhood Maternity does carry plus size clothing, but their selection is horrid. The pants you see me wearing above are supposed to be skinny jeans. HA! I did purchase one pair of skinny jeans (um, not so much - they fit like slim leg jeans but whatever), leggings, and two tops. I think I can get by with wearing dresses I already own but I may need to pick up a few more pairs of leggings. We'll see. 

I do have to say this pregnancy has been much harder on my looks. I felt like with Cooper I had the so-called "pregnancy glow" but my skin is terrible this go round. I have lots of breakouts and my skin is just dull. My hair is blah and I feel like my body is just gross. I can already tell you there will be few pictures of me this go round.

Well, this has turned into a novel. Thanks for reading and keep posted for more updates!


MommyMandy Musings said...

I'm guessing it's a girl!

Rebecca Jo said...

With you being that sick, my money is on a girl as well :) Hopefully it'll get better. Have you ever tried ginger to suck on? They have real ginger candy lozengers that help with nausea. I'm not pregnant but use them all the time (I get motion sickness so easily) -they're cheap on Amazon too!

KatiePerk said...

you are cute! I really liked their leggings when I was pregnant with SS. Congratulations!! I hope you start feeling fantastic. I was queasy with SS pretty much the whole time.

Vicki said...

You look adorable! :)

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Congratulations!! I've been wondering where you've been (I missed the announcement post) and do hope that you continue to blog when you can, it'll be exciting to follow you through this pregnancy!

And I'm guessing it is a girl too, don't they say that girls drain their mothers' looks during pregnancy?? At least that's what I've heard.

Lauren said...

I've missed you on here!! Sorry you are so sick! You look fabulous!!

sprinkles said...


Michaela said...

My guess would be girl for you too! Abby's pregnancy was horrible to my skin, but with Noah I also had the "glow".
My husband is also one of those know it all "I knew you were pregnant right away" fathers, but this one (#3) took him by surprise. I'm right there with you on the 24/7 nausea and exhaustion... hoping the second trimester is better for you!!

Sarah B said...

I was horribly, horribly sick with both my boys - and much more so the 2nd time than the 1st. With my first, vitamin B6 totally cured my morning sickness but it did nothing the 2nd time around.
Motherhood Maternity's plus section is awful. I hate that they charge SO MUCH for something you'll wear a short amount of time. I bought a couple pairs of pants and some shirts and just supplemented with what I already had.
I hope the 2nd trimester brings you some relief from morning sickness! Maybe the glow will hit you then ;)

Laura Graham said...

I totally think its a girl too! Our pregnancies sound identical!! When are you gonna find out?

andthenwelaughed said...

I am currently pregnant with our second child and I am amazed at how different this pregnancy has been. While I was also sick with my son, I have been ridiculously sick with our daughter and now at 23 weeks, it is finally starting to let up a bit. Craziness!

You look great...I love stripes. :)

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