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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 On Thursday: Strange Foods

Hey y’all! Happy Thursday! I am so happy you are here reading and I hope you will link up for some 3 On Thursday fun!

3 on Thursday

Please take some time to visit my co-hostess, Cole. If you aren’t reading her blog – why not?! Cole is one of my first bloggy friends and is one of the most supportive, kind, and loving people I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” through blogging.

This week’s question is:

What 3 foods do you eat that are weird? What foods do you eat that other people would think are strange?

I’m not a picky eater at all but I’m also not a super adventurous eater.

I talked about this a little here but one thing I eat that you might think was weird is tuna fish and Doritos. I use the Doritos like I would crackers and just spread the tuna fish on top.

I know. HEALTHY.

Apparently when I was little I used to eat butter on top of crackers. I also thought Ex-Lax was candy and used to tear into my babysitter’s laxatives when I was a toddler.

Doesn’t this say so much about me?

I love, love, love salad rolls. I don’t like “real” sushi very much – especially the kind with raw fish, but I could eat this all day. Basically it is a Philadelphia roll, but instead of rice and seaweed, the outside is cucumber. SO GOOD.

I am really not a sweets person. I don’t eat candy at all. I’m not big on cakes/ice creams but I do have something sweet at least once a week. The odd thing, I guess, is that I cannot eat something salty without eating a little bit of something sweet. You can often catch me eating popcorn with a little chaser of ice cream.

Speaking of popcorn, you must try this immediately:


So spill – what do you eat that is weird or strange?

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey friends. Happy Monday - err, Tuesday! (It feels like a Monday at work... yay for a short work week!) I hope you all are doing fabulously and are resting after your Memorial Day weekend!

Since I didn't post yesterday, I want to send a belated THANK YOU to all the veterans out there who have fought for our freedom. Thank you for making sacrifices so the rest of us can sleep safe and warm in our beds at night. Thank you to the military wives and families who have kept the home fires burning... your sacrifice is appreciated as well!

There's lot of things I want to update you all on. I'm sorry I've been posting so sporadically lately. I feel like I apologize to you all so much but life is just getting the best of me lately. I feel somewhat like a hamster on a wheel... I'm just running and running, but I never seem to accomplish anything. Don't get me wrong - I'm happy and I know I'm blessed. I'm just feeling not myself lately. 

I haven't been feeling great for quite some time. The move to Georgia has been brutal for my allergies. I've been averaging a sinus infection every 6 weeks or so, and for the past month, I've been sick with first a sinus infection, and then bronchitis. 

Fun times. Not. 

Anyway. Like I said, I just haven't been feeling myself. I chalked up up to allergies/sickness/lack of sleep but a few weeks ago, on a whim, I decided to take a pregnancy test. 

A test that was positive. 

I felt a barrage of emotions as I read that test. I can't really explain to anyone why I took that test. Even Jason remains completely perplexed as to why I decided to test. But I just had this feeling I was pregnant, and it was a feeling that persisted even as the events of the next few days unfolded. 

My initial feeling of excitement was followed quickly by fear. You see, I have an IUD (the Mirena) and I shouldn't have been pregnant. I immediately consulted my dear friend Google and was appalled by his results. Mirena prevents pregnancy, of course, and does nothing positive to the fetus when strange things happen and a pregnancy results. I tortured myself with what-ifs: miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, birth defects. 

I bounded out of bed bright and early the next day (I had tested very late the night before) and stopped by CVS on my way to work for another test. A test which was negative. At this point I had convinced myself I was crazy and I used the negative test to further dissuade myself from my gut feeling I was pregnant. 

Jason made me make an appointment with a gynecologist, but I wasn't able to get in for two weeks. 

My pregnancy symptoms persisted. I was tired, my breasts were sore, and I was feeling nauseous. These were symptoms I explained away by my sinus infection and PMS. 

I started bleeding heavily about a week later. Since I've had the Mirena, I haven't had a true period. I've only spotted. This wasn't like my other periods. It was very heavy and I had several huge blood clots. Huge - like nothing I've ever seen before. I also had horrid cramps, and I don't usually get cramps.

I explained it to myself as my period and went about my day. It eventually stopped. 

I went to my scheduled GYN visit, and I told my doctor what had happened in the weeks prior. I told her I wanted to have my IUD removed, and she told me that I'd have to come back another day for that. When it was time for my exam, she asked me again if I wanted it removed. "Sure" I said. She pulled it right out - I didn't even feel it. Apparently it wasn't even in the correct position/embedded anymore. She said "it's a good thing you came in when you did or you probably would have gotten pregnant!"

Later when I met with her in her office, she told me that it was very possible I had been pregnant and had miscarried. It is more common than advertised to get pregnant on the Mirena, and mine had not been positioned correctly. The heavy bleeding I experienced had likely been a miscarriage. 

To be honest, I'm really not sure how to feel about all this. Can you be upset about something you don't even know is true? I keep thinking about all the women who have miscarried and have grieved and hurt - and I keep thinking I can't possible compare myself to them because I just don't know for sure. I almost wish I did know, just so I could stop thinking "what if?" 

I know, logically, that these things happen. Sometimes our bodies just can't carry babies. It happens. It was early. We can try again. 

But my heart still hurts for that what if. 

I debated about whether I should post this, but I have tried to always be honest with you guys, and well... this is honest.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 On Thursday: What Won’t You Do?

Hey guys! Thanks for coming by today for 3 On Thursday. Today is a fun topic… check it out below!

3 on Thursday

As always, please visit my delightful co-host, Cole. She rocks my socks off!

What 3 things will you absolutely not do?

I realize this is somewhat of an ambiguous topic, so feel free to write whatever your little heart desires.

One thing I will never do…. wear shorts. They just look strange on me. I’m short and plus sized. I have cellulite and stretch marks. NOT CUTE. I will wear exercise type shorts around the house (not to exercise, clearly) but I don’t wear them in public.

I actually tried on shorts today and no matter what fabric or length I tried they still looked odd. Oh well!

I will also never…. go commando outside of my house. This one is another weird quirk of mine. You can bet your last dollar that if I’m outside of the house, I’m wearing presentable underwear. After all, I could be in an accident and I have to have something covering my vajayjay. BUT as soon as I’m home and I’m in my comfy clothes (= my pjs) (TMI) I am commando all the way. I actually can’t stand the feeling of wearing underwear to bed. Strange, right? Someone told me when I was little that “down there” needed to “breathe” or some such nonsense and I guess I bought into that.

On a serious note, one thing I will never do is… smoke. I’ve lost two loved ones to lung/throat cancer and I just can’t do it. I don’t have a desire to smoke, but if I did, I would not because I’ve seen how it can destroy your body.

[Yeah, yeah, yeah… being overweight is just as hazardous as smoking, I know.]

[Ignores lecture as I shove Fruity Peebles down my gullet.]

What are 3 things you would never do?

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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Nail Files

TGIF. Seriously. I have never meant that so much. This week has been no bueno. Jason has been sick (and thus, I have been miserable). Cooper is alternating being super sweet and ultra defiant, and Jason’s new work schedule is kicking all of our butts. But it is Friday and next week I am beach bound!

I’m linking up with Vicki and Tara today for The Nail Files!

The Nail Files

Here are a few of my recent manis.


Illamasqua Jo’mina


Loreal Club Prive


OPI Gargantuan Green


Zoya Kate & Coraline


Loreal Club Prive on thumb, middle, and pinky finger. Butter London Trout Pout on pointer & index. I used Milani black nail art polish to create the stripes and outline the cheetah print.


OPI Catch Me In Your Net

What do you have on your nails and toes?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3 On Thursday: Comfort Foods

Hey friends! I hope you are doing well on this fine Thursday. Thanks for visiting and linking up with us again.

Be sure to visit my amazing, super, incredible co-hostess Cole at All The Small Stuff! If you aren’t familiar with her blog, it is a must-read!

3 on Thursday

Today’s topic is:

What are your 3 favorite comfort foods?

Mine will probably gross some of you out. The thing I find myself reaching for most often when I’m stressed, sad, or upset is tuna fish. Yeah, I know. It’s not cool to like tuna fish. {Insert high school joke here} I like mine with lots of mayo (no relish, gag) and to make it extra appetizing, I eat it on top of Doritos.

I know. You’re surprised I’m not super toned and fit, aren’t you?

I also love macaroni and cheese. And since that tops the list of things I can’t cook no matter how hard I try or how many different recipes I experiment with, I often find myself turning to Annie’s Shells and White Cheddar.

[I’m serious about not being able to cook mac and cheese. I also can’t cook mashed potatoes or brownies. No matter how many times I try, these foods just never taste quite right. I actually am a pretty decent cook, but these three items just get the best of me. ]

Another comfort food I love it pot roast. I like it cooked in the crock pot, but since I can’t master gravy (add that to the list above, please) we usually go to The Cracker Barrel when I’m wanting some home cooked pot roast. Yum and yum.

What are your favorite comfort foods? Link up or comment! Please and thank you.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Finales and Sad Goodbyes

Hey there. 

Long time no post, huh? I feel like I'm apologizing all the time, but the truth is that life is overwhelming at the moment. Not bad overwhelming... just go-three-days-without-washing-my-oily-hair overwhelming. Things will get better, but for the time being my blog has had to take a backseat to life in general. 


I promise to write a post with some substance soon (like, tonight, possibly) but for now I want to talk about television. 


What did you think of the Desperate Housewives finale?

I've been watching DH since the very beginning. There have been times I wanted to just give up on the show (like this season - the murder drama was ridiculous) but I persevered because I find it impossible to give up on shows I've watched for years and years. 

Except Grey's Anatomy. I gave up on that last season. 

I had missed the last 5 or so shows, so last night after Jason left for work I tossed my toddler in his crib with a book (don't judge me - it was Mother's Day, dammit!) and sat down to catch up. I only watched the last two episodes, and then the finale. 

  • The saddest and most moving part of the show was McClusky dying. Love that witch-with-a-b. 
  • You expect me to believe four friends (and Carlos) would just let Bree stand trial and take the fall for the murder? Really? That whole storyline just turned my stomach. You build these women up as the best of friends, and their actions say anything but. 
  • Gabby is a Vice President? Ha. Yeah, right. 
  • I did not care for the ending. At all. Again, they are the best of friends but basically go their own ways and never reunite?
  • I think the show could possibly be setting up for a spin off. Moving all the girls off Wisteria Lane could set the stage for a crop of newer, younger Housewives. (with secrets! Dum dum dum!)
I'm always so sad when a beloved television series ends. To me, it really signifies the passage of time. I was sad to see DH end, but nothing will top the ending of Felicity - I distinctly remember crawling under my kitchen table and ugly crying the night that finale aired. To be fair, I had drank an entire bottle of wine while I watched. 

Did you hear GCB got canceled? Sadz. I really liked it! 

Do you watch the Real Housewives of Orange County? Vicki is so unlikeable! I've always thought she was mememe but this season she has taken it over the top. I hate how she made Brianna's illness all about her - even to the point that when she brought Brianna home from the hospital she made a comment about how mean Brianna was being to her. Hello, the girl just had surgery and doesn't want to talk. Then when Brianna got married, she went on and on about how Brianna had stolen a moment from her. B, please. IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. 

What are you watching and loving right now?

Don't forget to link up with Cole and I for 3 On Thursday! This week's topic is:
What are your 3 favorite comfort foods?

Friday, May 11, 2012

3 On Thursday: Secret Single Behaviors



Y’all. I am SORRY.

I apologize to you, dear readers, and to my super awesome co-hostess and friend, Cole, that I am just now publishing this blog post. I stink as a hostess, do I not? This week has kicked my butt and I am just now getting time to sit down at my computer.

Please be sure to visit Cole and when you do, tell her I will do better in the future, mmmkay?

3 on Thursday

This week’s topic is:

What are your secret single behaviors? What do you do that you would be embarrassed to have a man (or anyone, really) see you do?

A little background on this week’s question: if you are SATC (Sex & the City) fans, you might remember an episode that talked about this very topic. Basically, the girls were talking about things they did that they would never want men to see them do.

We all have secret single behaviors, right?

Number One:

I shave my face (a la Caroline Manzo). You see, I’m quite hairy and I have the joy of sporting a little bit of a moustache. Thanks, Dad! I simply cannot have that, so I have a little tiny electric razor that I use once a week to clear up any stray hairs.

I also have recently been the proud owner of a chin hair. OH MAH GOSH. You better bet that bad boy got ripped out as soon as I noticed it.

Number Two:

Never will I ever go to the bathroom with the door open. No. Just no. No one needs to see you make your ugly face when the food you ate last night just won’t make its exit out of your body. NO. Do everyone a favor and close that door.

(The exception to this rule is Cooper, who unfortunately has little respect for my closed door rule.)

Number Three:

Sometimes when I’m driving alone in my car, I put on sad music, sing really loudly, and cry. What? You don’t do that? I mean, sometimes you just want to cry.

(I highly recommend Fix You by Coldplay as tear inducing music.)

I should point out that while I say these are secret single behaviors, my husband has seen me do #1. I just can’t keep it from him any longer.

Other bonus entries:

  • Making tuna fish and eating it on top of Doritos
  • Eating spaghetti, as every time I eat it my shirt looks as though someone has shot me in the chest.
  • Popping pimples. Ga-ross.
  • Clipping your toenails. No one wants to be near your flying toenails, sister. Clip ‘em in the bathroom and then sweep them up, PLEASE.

How about you? What are your secret single behaviors?

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

3 On Thursday: Guilty Pleasures

Hey friends! It is that time again. Thanks so much for linking up with Cole and I. We think you are super duper awesome, and we are grateful for your readership!

3 on Thursday

Be sure to visit my co-hostess with the mostess, Cole. She is entering a new phase of life with some exciting happenings, and I hope you will wish her well! 

This week's question is:

What are your 3 guilty pleasures?

Well, if you watched my husband's vlog, the answer to that question is scarfs and nail polish. Ha! My answers are a little different...

Starbucks. I love it so. My drink of choice is either the Double Chocolate Chip Frappacino or the Trenta unsweetened Black Iced Tea. 

Sephora (also Ulta) is my happy place. I'm not kidding. I walk into the store and instantly I feel less stressed. Of course I love to buy makeup, but just browsing and swatching makes me happy. 

My husband was right about one thing - nail polish is definitely a guilty pleasure. I have way too many bottles of polish. I polish my nails at least twice a week. It's just something I do to feel pretty and unwind after a hard day. 

Of course, these are all guilty pleasures because my husband would not approve. Haha!

What are your guilty pleasures?

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