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Monday, October 31, 2011

2 On Tuesday: Halloween

Hey friends! Happy 2 On Tuesday! Rabbit Rabbit!

Today’s topic is:

Tell me your 2 favorite Halloween costumes! Did you celebrate Halloween this year?


My mom made my costumes when I was younger. This is definitely one of my favorites! I was Raggedy Anne and my cousin was Andy.


Jason and I dressed up for a Halloween party on base a few years ago. I was a 50’s girl and he was Napoleon Dynamite.

Picture 278

Of course I dress the boys up, too! This was the year they were crabs.

I don’t have the pictures downloaded from this Halloween yet (they are on my “big girl” camera) but I’ll be sharing them soon. Cooper was the cutest Elmo you have ever seen!

Can I just get up on my soap box for a second? When did Halloween become so slutty? I swear every girl costume I’ve seen is inappropriate. Even little girl costumes are too short and tight in my opinion. We went to Trunk or Treat at church this year, and I can’t tell you how many costumes I saw that revealed way too much. One teenage girl had on a dress so short you could see her butt, and knee high socks that I’m guessing was meant to draw attention to her lack of undies. AT CHURCH. Halloween is NOT an excuse to slut yourself up, ladies. There is a time and place, and that is not a holiday meant for children.

Now I’ll climb down from my soapbox. Smile

Next week’s topic is:

Share two items (or more, who am I kidding?) from your holiday wish list.

Please link up your Halloween posts! I can’t wait to see your costumes!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Initials Inc Review & PARTY!

Hey friends! I hope this Monday finds you doing well. I have some exciting news to share! I am having an Initials Inc. online party this week!

A few weeks ago, a friend I had met on Twitter mentioned that she was starting an exciting new adventure as an Initials Inc. consultant. I offered to help Sonya promote her new business, and she sent me a product to review with you guys.

Sonya gave me a few items to choose from, but I ultimately decided to review the Take Along Caddy. I thought it would be the perfect car tote, and it is!


I’m at the stage now where I don’t want to carry around a huge bulky diaper bag, but I still need to have items for Cooper on hand. The Take Along Caddy is perfect for those “just in case” moments. It holds a pack of diapers, wipes, several boxes of juice, snacks, and a few toys. It fits compactly in my back seat or trunk, and when it is not in use it folds up perfectly flat.


One thing I love about Initials Inc. is that personalization is free! Y’all know I am a Southern girl and I love to have my name plastered on anything I own. Shipping was very quick, and my Take Along Caddy came straight to my door.

I was so excited when Sonya suggested having an online party. This is the perfect time of the year to stock up on items for yourself and for Christmas presents!

The Dish is perfect for any cook! I want one of these for myself. I hate having to bundle my casseroles into towels to take them to potlucks. Let your Pyrex travel in style!

The Resort Box Cooler would be perfect for my mom. When she’s out and about for the day, she takes several bottles of water with her so she can get her daily dose of H20. The Resort Box Cooler would keep her water cold! This would also be perfect for picnic lunches, the beach, or trips to the playground!

I need the Marvelous Magnetic Pocket for my fridge. I’ve been searching for a way to organize my incoming mail and bills, and this would be perfect!

I hope you will take the opportunity to check out Initials Inc. and possibly put in and order! Go to Sonya’s personal Initials Inc. page, and click on “Shop” or “My Events.” Then simply click on “Shop Now” and fill up your cart! When you check out, remember the items will be sent directly to your front door, so enter your shipping address accordingly.

There is a great Customer Shopportunity this month! When you spend $35.00, you can purchase the Cinch Duffle for only $16.50! That’s 50% off the regular price!

If you have any questions, please contact Sonya at sonyajsells@gmail.com. Happy shopping, friends!

Don’t forget to join me tomorrow for 2 On Tuesday! Tomorrow’s topic is:

Tell me your 2 favorite Halloween costumes! Did you celebrate Halloween this year?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Talk To Me Tuesday (On Wednesday)

I’m linking up with my friends Shawn and Impulsive Addict for Talk To Us Tuesday. Please go visit these girls – they are some of my besties!

Jason and I are taking a parenting class at the church I attended when I was a teenager. Last week was the first session, and it started uneventfully. We were making small talk with some of the other parents, when out of the corner of my eye I saw something that made me freeze.

It was him. HIM. The guy that rocked my world (and not in a good way) during my teenage years. He made me laugh. He made me cry. But what I remember most about him is how he made me feel like I was never good enough.

His name was *Edward. Looking back, I realize there was nothing special about him. He wasn’t Mr. Popular. He didn’t have big muscles. He wasn’t even the cutest guy in the school. Still, I was drawn to him like I am to sparkly nail polish.

It all started when I was a freshman. He started out as a friend. We’d call each other at night and talk for hours on the phone under the pretense of friendship. I, of course, imagined in my head there was more. There never was on his end – until I would tire of the dramatics and decide to move on. The instant there was another boy on the horizon, he was on the phone confessing his “feelings” for me. Feelings he didn’t want us to tell anyone else because they were “our secret.” Inevitably, a few weeks later he would decide we were better as friends, and I’d go back to being just his pal Andrea.

This went on throughout the entirety of high school. It was a never ending roller coaster ride of “do you like me or not?” and despite my knowing how the ride would end, I never could get off. I spent the years that should have been carefree and fun pining for a boy that never thought I was good enough to be his girlfriend.

Seeing him again last week brought all those feelings back. No, I don’t still have feelings for him. I don’t hate him. I certainly don’t love him. I do feel pity for a boy who didn’t know the value of friendship or love. Most of all, I feel bad for the teenage me who wasted buckets of tears on someone who wasn’t worthy of such emotion.

The pain of those unrequited feelings was carried in my heart for a long time. I didn’t date at all in college. I didn’t trust myself. I wasn’t sure of my emotions or of my ability to handle the affection of the opposite sex. In way, the emotion I feel most when I think of him is anger. Anger that he had the ability to wound me in such a lasting way. Anger that he soured an experience (dating) that was a rite of passage for every other teenage girl in America, but not for me.

I wish, as the adult I am now, I could go back and have a conversation with my teenage self. I’d tell her to move on. Life is too short to waste tears on someone who isn’t worthy. You are good enough – and he’s not because he doesn’t see that.

God had something special in store for me. If God had listened to me, I’d be married now to this man. Thank you, God, for unanswered prayers.

*Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Monday, October 24, 2011

2 On Tuesday: Favorite Pictures

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday!

Thanks so much for joining me again this week for 2 On Tuesday! This week’s topic is:

What are your two favorite pictures of yourself?

Now I know some of you aren’t going to want to participate because I’m asking you to share pictures of yourself. I get it. I hate taking pictures of myself because I always think “is that really how big I am?” or “oh my, do I really look like that?” But there are good pictures of each of us out there. Maybe you don’t look perfect in them, but perhaps the picture is a special memory or a snapshot of a moment in time that you want to always remember. I want to see those pictures. It’s ok if someone else is in the picture as long as you are too!


I look like a mess in this picture. I’m rocking a double chin, my makeup went on vacation, and I’m pretty sure you can see my moustache. For once I don’t care. This is one of the most precious moments of my life, and you can see my happiness far more than you can see any of those other things.


I was 20-something weeks pregnant in this picture and had just stopped throwing up every 5 minutes. Good times. You can see the relief in my face.

I miss those shoes. My feet grew when I was pregnant and I can’t wear them anymore.

Lest you think I am vain, let me share some not-so-flattering pictures…


Sexy beast.

Maternity Pictures 068

Apparently this is all the rage in maternity photography?

Picture 005

I don’t know, y’all. I just don’t know.

Show me your pictures, please! Link up!

Dear (Fill In The Blank)

Hey friends! Happy Monday!

I say that as if I am sitting at my desk, bright and chipper, when in reality I came to work in wet hair and am wondering when in the world I can get back in the bed again. Ugh… Mondays!

Before I get started with my ever so snarky “Dear ____” series, I wanted to let you know Erin Condren is on Plum District today! I know you guys probably think I’m getting paid to advertise for her, but I’m not. While I don’t lovelovelove the EC Life Planner like some do (and most do, believe me) I think the rest of her products are rad. I am stocking up on address labels for me and stationary for Christmas gifts. The deal is $25 for $50, and you can use the code 2011off for 10% off your order!

And now… drum roll please. 
Dear Doctor, 

You suck. I don’t say that word lightly, but you suck big lemon balls. Thanks for telling me my sickness was “all in my head.” It is not, in fact, all in my head. In fact, because you didn’t treat me when I first came in, my sinus infection turned into bronchitis. 

Have I mentioned I hate you? Cause I do. 

You’ll see me on Yelp
Dear Coworker, 

When you invite someone to lunch, it is poor form not to show up to the office until 1:00 p.m. It’s even worse form when you say “I’ll be just a minute” and then disappears in your office until 2:30 p.m. Don’t get mad at me if at 2:45 I head to an early linner by myself. Thanks anyway!
Dear Body, 

Darn you for making me think I was pregnant. My hysterics are not due to pregnancy; they are due to crazy Andrea. I’m tired because I’m sick, not because of first trimester exhaustion. I’m convinced you’re conspiring with my mother to tell me it is time. 

I don’t think so… yet.
Dear Readers, 

Please consider participating in 2 On Tuesday tomorrow! The topic is to share your two favorite pictures of yourself. Yes, yourself. Don’t be shy. It can be with other people, but I want it to include you. Why do you like those two pictures?

Love you forever,
Who do you need to write today?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Candy Corn Nails!

These are perfect for Halloween and they are so easy to do!

Prime your nails with a base coat. I use OPI Chip Skip and Essie Ridge Filler.

Do two coats of yellow over your entire nail. I used Sally Hansen Lightening. Wait at least 2 hours before proceeding to the next step.

Take a piece of scotch tape and cut it into four strips. Make the strips as straight as possible. Place the strip on the middle of your nail, leaving the top & bottom free. Press down firmly on the edge of the tape to seal the edges.

Paint a coat of white (Sally Hansen White On) on the top and bottom of the nail. Do another coat just on the top of the nail.

Once the white is dry, paint two coats of orange (Sinful Colors Cloud Nine) on the bottom of the nail. You paint the orange of the white so that the color doesn't mix (yellow + orange).

While the polish is still wet, peel off the tape.

Paint on a top coat.


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Brain Dump

Ever had one of those weeks where it just seems like it will never end? That’s me this week. I is tired. 

 Cooper has been waking up at midnight wanting to party. What he really wants is to get in the bed with me & Jason. I’m not sure if he is going through a growth spurt or if he isn’t eating enough during the day, but he screams until I go get him some milk and crackers. Then he says “Mic” 10,000 times until I cave and let him watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This kid loves to cuddle! He will lie on the bed, put his arms out, and call me until I come and lay down beside him. Part of me thinks he is incredibly sweet and loves the times when he lets me hold him. The other part thinks “I’m tired, kid, GO TO BED!” 

I was so glad to hear so many of you identified with my Super Freak post. Zombies are real, y’all. The CDC even acknowledges that it could happen. What’s your disaster plan?

If you are signed up for the Snail Mail Challenge, please send mail to your partner! I’m gotten several emails from people stating they haven’t heard from their partner. Y’all… this makes me irate. It was optional to sign up, and if you chose to sign up, you should fulfill your end of the bargain. The whole purpose of the challenge was to encourage people. Can you imagine how discouraged you would be to realize your partner doesn’t care enough to take 5 minutes to write you a letter? FOR THE LOVE.
Have I mentioned it makes me crazy when people don’t do what they say they are going to do? 

I’m having an Initials Inc. party in November on the blog, and I’m so excited! I hope you guys will consider doing some of your Christmas shopping then. The car tote is a favorite of mine! How much would your family member love a tote bag?

I’m also having a Scentsy review/giveaway soon. Susan contacted me after my Q&A post in which I admitted I had never tried Scentsy. She wants to remedy that, and she has offered to do a giveaway for you guys too! I’m so excited! I hope I get to try the pumpkin marshmallow scent that everyone on Twitter is raving about. 

Jason is finally off the schedule from hell. Thank goodness! He’s home at night now and is able to help me with Cooper. As a result, my blogging time has suffered because I want to spend quality time with the husband. I’m back to struggling to find time in my day to balance the things I want to do vs. the things I need to do. Can you relate?

Erin Condren is on Zulily! You can get a $50 credit for $25. This is a steal, y’all! Stock up on address labels, gift tags, or even Christmas cards!

I downloaded the HeyTell app for my iPhone, and yes, it is addictive. I only have about 5 friends, though. If you have HeyTell me, let me know so we can be friends!

I’m thinking about discontinuing 2 On Tuesday. The participation hasn’t been what I had hoped in recent weeks, and I don’t want to continue a linky party where only 5 people link up a week. What do you think? I want your honest feedback. Is there a reason you don’t participate? Do you not like the topics? Please be honest.

That’s all for today! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2 On Tuesday: Restaurants

Hey y’all! How are you today? Thanks for joining me again for 2 On Tuesday!

Today I want to know:

What are your two favorite restaurants?

I absolutely love Carrabba’s. To me, it is a more upscale & authentic Olive Garden (no hate for the OG because I lurve their breadsticks). I love the Chicken Marsala and Chicken Bryan, and the Sicilian Chicken Soup is out of this world.

I also love Chili’s. I could go to Chili’s and eat queso and salsa all day long.

What are your two favorite restaurants?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday…

I can remember being a teen and thinking weekends flew by so fast. It seemed like you blinked and it was time to go back to school. Things sure haven’t changed since I was a teen! Saturday and Sunday fly by, and before you know it Monday is here yet again.

We had a full weekend. A friend of mine offers up locations for seasonal pictures and photographs families and children in order to raise money for a charity. We went to get pictures taken Saturday morning. How cute is my little man?



We went to the State Fair on Saturday. Yikes. I do not do well in large crowds, and it was absolutely packed. I was also freaked out because the security was crazy. There were metal detectors and searches at the entrance, and police stationed about every 20 feet in the crowd. I can handle Disney-type crowds because at least it is organized chaos, but this was just madness. This is the first year Cooper has ridden rides, and he loved it!



Because my brain is fried, I’m going to leave you with a little MeMe this Monday morning.

My current obsession is painting my nails, as you have seen. If the rest of me looks a hot, droopy mess at least my nails look good.

Pinterest is such a time suck. But it is the best kind of time suck. It’s my go-to meal planning resource of late.

My greatest strength is ?? I have no idea.

{See above}  is my greatest weakness.  I have a complete inability to see any good in myself. However, I can rattle off all my weaknesses in 2 seconds flat.

My life is blessed. My son is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

In high school I was such a good girl. Seriously. My mom complains about my attitude all the time but I never got into the trouble that some teens do. My biggest problem was juggling my church activities with my school work.

When I’m super tired I can super cranky. I’m a mega bitch on wheels.

How is the Snail Mail Challenge going? Did you get something from your partner this week?

Don’t forget to link up for 2 On Tuesday! Tomorrow’s topic is: What are your two favorite restaurants?

Friday, October 14, 2011

I’ve hesitated to talk about this here on my blog, but when a reader recently asked me about my experience getting pregnant I decided it was time.

(Note: this may be TMI for some of you. If you don’t want to hear about TTC, sex, or have no interest in pregnancy, please move on. If you are trying to get pregnant or want to get pregnant in the future, this information may be of interest to you.)

The reason I haven’t wanted to broach this subject on my blog is because I worried I would sound insensitive or that it would be hurtful to those who struggle to get pregnant. Please understand before you read this – that is not my intention. This is simply my story of my journey to pregnancy. I know there are so many of you out there that do struggle with infertility and miscarriages. I have not experienced that myself, but I feel so much empathy for you. I cannot understand what you must go through, but my prayers are with you all in your journey. If you’d like to share your name and story, I will be certain to lift you up specifically in prayer.

I’ve shared before that Jason and I were never on the same page about when to have children. We got married in 2003, and I *thought* I was ready then. He was not. Throughout the years I went back in forth with “are we ready?” and “can we handle this?” and for whatever reason, the answer was always no. Jason, as most of you know, was active duty in the Navy, and was deployed for a good portion of our married life. He did not want to have a baby while he was on sea duty and risk missing portions of our child’s development due to deployments. I could understand that, so we agreed to postpone baby making until he was sent to a shore command with no risk of deployments.

We moved to Charleston in 2008, and it should have been the perfect time to have a baby. At this point, I was not ready. I kept pushing it off because I was scared, honestly. I was worried about money. Could we afford a child? I was worried about my ability to be a good mother. I was selfish, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to give up “me” time to have my life become all about baby.

I would probably still be pushing it off if it weren’t for Jason. To me, there was always another reason to wait. “Let’s wait until we take that big vacation.” “Let’s wait until we get XXX paid off.” “Let’s wait until I turn 30.” And so on and so forth…

In April of 2009, my uncle died. We went home for the funeral, and Jason and I spent the majority of our time at home taking care of my cousin’s 5 month old child. I forced Jason to hold her just because I wanted to see how he would react, and he was smitten. He was a natural with Mari Claire. It wasn’t more than 2 days after we got home that he said “I’m ready to have a baby.”

For me, that was the time. In the back of my mind I always knew I could handle a child. I’ve been around children my whole life and I (thought I) knew what having a baby entailed. My husband did not, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if he was emotionally ready to have a child. I knew when he made that statement that he had thought things through and he was truly ready.

So, we started actively trying in May 2009. I was not taking birth control at the time, so that was not a concern. For the previous year, I had been keeping stringent records on when my periods occurred, so I was fairly in tune with my body. I used the website Fertility Friend to track the days I ovulated, and I really think this was the reason I got pregnant as quickly as I did.

Listen, y’all – it is hard to get pregnant. I spent my teens thinking you could get pregnant when you sneezed, only to realize as an adult that it is harder than it seems. I think a lot of people think they will come off birth control, have sex like bunnies, and get pregnant. It does work for some, but not for everyone. There are a finite number of days of the month when you are fertile. If you don’t have sex on those days, you don’t get pregnant. Period. (And even then, it isn’t as simple as just having sex on your fertile days.)

There are a number of ways you can track your fertility. I won’t go into the specifics here, but Fertility Friend is a great resource. I also recommend Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. I, personally, charted my temps and examined my cervical mucus. Yes, it is gross. But it is also a great indicator of ovulation. I kept a thermometer by my bed, and before I got out of bed each morning I took my temp (orally – I was shocked to learn some take it vaginally.) I would enter the information in my Blackberry, and input it into Fertility Friend later that day. Same with my CM – I would take note when I saw it and input it into the computer later that day.

Jason and I had sex every other day. I made sure we had sex on my days of ovulation. I tested on May 25th and got a faint pink line. I tested the next morning and got a definite positive. The weekend before I tested I was absolutely exhausted. I feel asleep during a car ride and even slept through a movie we went to see in the movie theatre. Looking back, I know that was an early sign.

I think knowing whether or not you are ready is so personal. For us, it made sense to wait until we were older. (I was 2 weeks from turning 31 when I had Cooper.) It does feel odd sometimes to be an “older mom” when I see kids Cooper’s age with moms that are 10 years younger than me. I will be almost 50 when he graduates high school. Still, I think it was the right thing for us. We were financially ready and had plenty of time together as a couple.

I will say this – I both agree & disagree with the statement that “you are never 100% ready to have a child.” I think there is never any way you will be 100% ready. There will always be one more goal to accomplish, one more bill to pay, more weight you want to lose… HOWEVER, I think you need to make sure you are both financially and emotionally ready to have a child. Don’t have a child thinking your husband will change or “man up” once the baby is here. He won’t. Don’t say “we’ll make it work” when you don’t have room in your budget for daycare or diapers. Having a baby is expensive, y’all! Make sure you can afford the basic things they need before they arrive.

Questions/thoughts/concerns? I want to hear them.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nailed It

Hey guys! I’m back for part 2 of Pretty Painted Nails. Thanks for all the compliments! I am by no means a pro, but I do like nail polish. I’m working on getting my friend Holly, who is a former nail tech, to do a real pro how-to post for us.


A new trend is nails is having a glitter nail on your ring finger. I think this is super cute, and I’ve done it myself. I used Martha Stewart glitter, which is the best glitter out there in my opinion. Simply paint your nail, and while it is still wet, sprinkle glitter heavily over your finger. Tap off the excess, and once it is dry do at least two layers of top coat. You want a thicker top coat to ensure the glitter doesn’t come loose and that your nail surface is smooth.

As I said, I had done the single glitter nail, so I decided to try a twist on the traditional french manicure. Um… no. I do not advise this. It was super cute, but despite using three layers of a top coat, the glitter was still coming loose. I wear contacts and rub my eyes a lot, and I ended up with glitter in my eyes.

Not cool.

A few of you have asked my opinion of the new gel-hybrid manicure, such as Shellac, Axxium, and Gelish. I have had this done once, and I would not do it again. Here’s why:

I had the OPI Axxium manicure, and it ran me about $35.00. It is like a manicure in the sense that the technician applies a base coat, two coats of color, and a top coat. The difference is that you put your hand under a UV light after each coat for about 2 minutes for the polish to “cure” and harden.

The pros: The polish lasts up to 3 weeks with no chips at all. It wears like iron. You won’t have tor repolish/go back to the nail salon until the nail growth starts to bother you.

The cons: Axxium is billed as being non-damaging to the nail, but I don’t see how that is possible. You have to remove the previous manicure before you can repolish. To do this, you have to soak your nails in pure acetone. This is extremely drying for your hands! They also use a orange stick to scrape the polish off. Then they file your nail to get the remainder of the polish off. Too much filing can lead to weaken nails, ridges, and even nerve damage if you aren’t careful. My biggest problem with Axxium/Shellac is the UV light. UV rays are damaging to your skin, no matter what form they come in. Your hands show age before other parts of your body – do you really want more wrinkles and age spots on your hands?

Final thoughts: I, personally, will pass on the Shellac manicure. If the cons don’t bother you or if you regularly get manicures, this might benefit you. If you like to change your polish often or if you don’t intend to keep up with the Shellac manicure, you should probably pass. If you do decide this is right for you, it might be a good idea to put on some sunscreen prior to the use of the UV light.

Have you had the Shellac manicure? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Super Freak, Part 2

Y’all had so many great responses to my She’s A Super Freak post that I had to write a follow up! Y’all made me think of a million other ways I wave my freak flag.

I have to have the lights on when it is dark, or even during the day if it is gloomy. I’m talking lights so glaringly bright they hurt your eyes. Even when we’re watching television or a movie, I want to have the lights on.

However, I cannot have even the slightest hint of light when I’m trying to go to sleep.

I’ve spent a lot of my married life alone – because of deployments, Jason’s work schedule, duty days, etc. I don’t sleep well nights I am alone. Normally Jason and I sleep with a fan on as white noise, but when he is gone I can’t have any noise at all. I want to hear the killer approaching me. Since we moved into our new home, I insist on closing & locking both baby gates. I can barely get those suckers open, so I know the psycho killer will have trouble. I figure by the time they figure it out, I’ll have snuck up behind them and worked my sweet ninja moves on their unsuspecting ass.

When I drive at night alone, I am super paranoid about checking the backseat. I have this terrible fear I will be driving along, singing at the top of my lungs, and someone will pop up in my rearview mirror. Once when I was in high school, I was driving home at midnight from a babysitting job. I swear the entire time I drove home I felt like someone was in the backseat. The funny thing is that I refused to look! My thought process is that if I looked, the killer would be forced to kill me. If I didn’t, I could conceivably get a pass somehow.

I’m strange.

None of the picture frames in my house have pictures in them. I always mean to get some printed off, but yet all my frames still have the generic laughing couple in them. I claim it is me…. 50 pounds lighter.

I drive Jason crazy with how organized I insist the DVR be. Once a show is watched, it absolutely has to be deleted. I’m the same way about my email inbox. Once the email is read, its gots to go. I won’t save voicemails for the same reason.

I like to call myself an unclean clean freak. Here’s how it works: I will work my fingers to the bone cleaning my house. I can’t just “pick up” the house. I have to deep clean every single time I clean. I work myself so hard that I obsess about it getting dirty. I will literally walk through the house and pick up each individual speck of dirt on the floor. However, Hurricane Cooper will eventually roll through, and I get so upset about the mess that I say to myself “forget this!” and let it all go until it bothers me enough to deep clean again.

It’s a vicious cycle. I wish I could learn the art of just simply cleaning a little each day.

When I was in graduate school, I had a phobia about driving over bridges. I had to cross the Cooper River bridge to get to Mt. Pleasant, and that was a drive I made several times a week. I developed this elaborate plan of what I would do if I ever went off the side of the bridge. The plan was completely unrealistic (i.e. roll down my window and jump out at the halfway point) but I found it very reassuring to think these things through. Years later, I lie awake some nights and plan how I would react should a zombie attack break out.

It could happen. Haven’t you seen I Am Legend? Doubters, don’t come running to me when a zombie tries to eat your brain.

(Hint: my plan involves pretending to be a zombie until I can escape the zombie crowd. They don’t eat their own.)

This weekend I was watching The Strangers (which freaks me out big time. I watch because I love Scott Speedman (Felicity!) but seriously, this movie is mega scary.). If you haven’t seen it, it is about a couple who goes to a remote cabin in the woods and gets terrorized by strangers. They are stalked, tortured, and killed. Y’all… this is my worst nightmare. Have y’all seen The Last House On The Left?


Anywho. I’ve gotten a bit off tangent. Tell me -

Can you relate? What are you freaky about?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Erin Condren sale!

Hey friends!

I just wanted to take a quick opportunity to let you know Erin Condren is on One Kings Lane today. It starts at 11:00 a.m. EST so I'm not sure exactly what the deal will be, but I'm almost certain it will be a $25 for $50 voucher. You can't pass up this deal!

You can get a life planner for half the price! Check out my review of the life planner here.

I'll be using my voucher to get some address labels. This is what I got with my last OKL voucher, and I love them!

How cute are the Christmas cards? You can custom design them with your family picture, text, etc.

I think the Lucite trays would make great Christmas gifts!
If you are going to buy a voucher, please use my referral link. I would be so appreciative! Thank you so much!

Monday, October 10, 2011

2 On Tuesday: Fashion Mistakes

Hey lovelies! How are y’all this Tuesday? Thanks for joining me again for 2 On Tuesday!

Today I want to know:

Tell me your two biggest fashion mistakes. Shoulder pads? Bike shorts? Banana clips? I want to hear it.


My fashion mishaps started in the 5th grade. Check out my rocking bangs, turtleneck. and Cosby sweater. I was allergic to silver, so I had to wear these little plastic dot earrings instead of normal, cute earrings. Just as well. I’m sure I would have been sporting some light up Christmas trees or something.


I didn’t learn to tweeze until I was in college. Unfortch for me! This was the year of Sun-In… which lightened my hair to a terrible orange yellow and eventually lead to a good portion of my hair falling out.


I sported glasses as big as my face until the 8th grade, when I finally convinced my mother I was responsible enough for contacts. This was the year that I thought that my brother’s clothes were cooler than my own, thus the striped Polo shirt.

He never did forgive me for stretching his shirts out.


Do I need to explain this one?

This was the year Friends premiered, and I absolutely had to have the Rachel cut. However, the Rachel cut was not for me (or my hairdresser hated me – not sure which one). My hair looked like it had been butchered, so my mom’s solution was to perm it.

This was the last perm I ever consented to. Never ever again.

I also rocked colored demin shorts (that came to my knee and were rolled up), neon shirts that I pulled to my side with one of those stop sign clips (anyone know what I mean? I forget what they were really called), and scrunchie socks. I wore two pairs on each foot and would alternate colors.

Hot. And of course my hair was in a banana clip. CLEARLY.

In high school, I went through a phase where I wore pleated skirts and knee socks. I thought I was some kind of naughty school girl. (Surprisingly, this was before Hit Me Baby One More Time was released. Britney stole my look.) I also had the most terrible taste in shoes – I clunked around in these terrible platform shoes. One pair looked almost like Keds sneakers, but they had a 5 inch platform on the bottom.


Now that I’ve embarrassed myself, I want to hear from you. What were your fashion mistakes?

Your Questions, Answered!

Before we get started, some bloggy business. I have sent out partner information to everyone who expressed interested in the Snail Mail Challenge. If you didn’t receive an email, let me know ASAP. You should send out your first item of mail this week!

Thank you so much to everyone that participated in the giveaway last week! Cole, thank you for sponsoring the giveaway! Please check out Cole’s etsy shop for all your knit needs! Annie, you are the winner of the candy corn hat!

As usual, I am on the ball with my scheduled blog posts. I did a Q&A post quite some time ago, and every person who asked a question was entered into a drawing for a Starbucks gift card. Shawn is the winner of the Starbucks gift card! Yay Shawn!

Now, onto the questions!

Amber asked: What do you miss about your old house or neighborhood?


I took this picture of our house as we were driving away for the last time. I miss a lot about this house – the kitchen, which was huge, and the backyard, which backed up to a pond. We even had a friendly neighborhood river otter and alligator that liked to stop by!

I don’t miss my house as much as I miss my old job. I don’t necessarily miss the job itself, but I do desperately miss my coworkers.

Shawn wants to know: Are settled in your new house and ready for fall?

Oh Shawn. How little you must know me to ask that question. Smile Technically, yes we are settled. Settled meaning boxes are unpacked, but I’m not done decorating and nothing is organized. I actually don’t think I am decorating for fall as a result – it just seems silly to drag out the Rubbermaid totes and add more clutter to the clutter.

Don’t you want to come visit and whip me into shape?

Etta asked: Have you ever considered finding new homes for your chihuahuas since having your baby?

Yes, it has crossed my mind. I have never given it more than a passing thought, but my husband has less patience with the boys than I do (if that is possible). The chihuahuas are still on their “destroy the house” kick and he has had enough. I can’t say I blame him. We’ve been in this house for less than 6 months and I think we may have to replace the living room carpet soon.

Where is a dog whisperer when you need one?

On a serious note, I’m committed to the chihuahuas, and I would not rehome them unless they did something to hurt Cooper.

Impulsive Addict wants to know: What is the most embarrassing situation that you've ever been in?

That would be the time I peed in my pants whilst running through a Haunted House. When I was 16. And I was on a group date with a cute boy.

A very sweet Katie (who has a private blog) asked: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? You always look so put together and I always feel like I'm always pressed for time.

Oh, Katie. You are so very sweet. I actually kind of look like a swollen, fat Elvis most days, but thank you very much.

I have to be at work between 8:30-9:00am, and I get up between 6:45-7:00. 6:45 if I need to dry my hair. 6:30 if I need to shave. I take ridiculously long showers (seriously, my shower/bathroom time is about 30 minutes), and I am slow as molasses in the morning. It takes me about 20 minutes to dry and style my hair, and I can do my makeup in 10 minutes. I always pick out my clothes the night before, so that is one less thing I have to worry about in the morning.

Cooper wakes up about 7:30, and he watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and runs around my room while I’m getting ready. It takes me about 10 minutes to get him ready for the day. We spend another 10-15 minutes downstairs getting the dogs situated, packing lunches, getting milk for Cooper, etc. We leave the house around 8:00-8:10 and arrive at daycare somewhere around 8:30. I get to work somewhere between 8:45-9:00.

My lovely friend Cole wants to know: What is the ONE beauty product you can't live without? If you could live anywhere in the world (aka not USA), where would you choose?

I could not live without eyeliner. My eyes disappear into my face without it.

The second question is hard to answer! Y’all, don’t hate me, but I don’t think I would want to live outside the US. I would like to visit but I don’t know that there is anywhere I would want to live permanently.

Sarah asked: What is your ultimate favorite item from Sephora? Do you use Scentsy? If so, what's your favorite scent?

I am loving Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I have never been a fan of liquid foundations because they make me look greasy and feel oily, but I love this foundation. It provides amazing coverage, and it stays put all day long. It is a little pricey at $40, but I think it is worth the expense.

I don’t use Scentsy. I should probably try it, but I’ve just never pulled the trigger and ordered from anyone. I have heard from my tweeps that the pumpkin marshmallow scent is divine.

Abby wants to know: How did you and Jason know when you were ready for kids? Do you mind sharing how long you tried for before you got pregnant/ elaborating on the trying to get pregnant process?

I’m actually going to do a separate blog post about this, so stayed tuned later this week.

This was fun! Thanks for sending me questions, everyone! Remember, if there is anything you want to know you can always send me an email or leave it in the comment section.

Happy Monday!

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