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Thursday, May 26, 2011

20 Questions

Advice. I needs it. Please?

With the impending move, I'm thinking about whether or not I should transition Cooper into a toddler bed or keep him in his crib for awhile longer. Obviously, I want to make this move as stress free as possible for him. His room will be decorated exactly the same, and it will be painted & set up before I bring him into the house. I just don't know whether to leave the crib awhile longer or go ahead and transition him to a big boy bed. Thoughts?

We've held off on a lot of big changes because of the move. I didn't want to overwhelm him or have him regress once the move took place. At his 15 month appointment, his pediatrician told us to introduce potty training but I ignored her. ;) I don't think he's ready, but once we get into the new house I will at least introduce it to him. He's also still taking a nighttime bottle and I need to get him out of that habit.

(I know there is someone out there reading this thinking "my baby was off the bottle when he/she turned one!" Well, he doesn't have a pacifier or lovie so I don't see the harm in one bottle a day. It's as much for me as it is for him. These days it is the only time he will let me cuddle with him.)

Wow, tangent.

Questions for you:
When did you move your child to a toddler bed?

Did you do a toddler bed or move to a twin or bigger bed?

How was the transition? Was it difficult?

How did you ensure he/she stayed in the room?

This is a bad picture of my new living room. The right opens into the kitchen, and the rear opens into the front of the house and the hallway to one of the bedrooms. I'm struggling with how to arrange my furniture. I do not want the television over the fireplace. Right now we have an armoire holding our television, which I want to keep in the room. Our furniture includes a couch & a loveseat (we have a chaise but it will be move upstairs). We'll be purchasing a chair.

Link to pictures of my living room furniture

What do you think? I'm thinking the only option is to put the armoire on the left wall, the loveseat facing the fireplace, and the couch facing the wall & armoire. My worry is just that the armoire will look silly against that long wall.

Keep in mind that I need to get this figured out prior to the delivery of our furniture. The movers will only place something once, and that sucker takes three men to move.

A few more questions:

Who has a sitting area in your bedroom? Our new house has a huge master bedroom with a large sitting area. I have no idea what to do with it. I think the chaise is going in there but other than that I'm stumped.

Have y'all ever used metallic paint on your walls? I know Ralph Lauren makes metallic paints, and Lowes has a few colors too. Is it hard to work with? I think it would look great in our bedroom. I've heard it is expensive....

This isn't really a question but if any of y'all consider yourself paint color experts, I'd love your help picking out colors for our home. I get too easily overwhelmed.

Lastly.... It had taken me over an hour to write this on my iPhone. No bueno.

Happy Thursday!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ch-ch-changes, Part 2

Life in funny, y'all. Funny in a "I laugh loudly and hysterically because if I don't I will full on break down & ugly cry" kind of way.

Let's hear some updates, shall we?

My last post was April 18th, in which I shared the wild and crazy roller coaster ride that my life has become. At that point, Jason didn't have a job and we had no idea where we were moving.

It's amazing how things change in just a few short weeks.

Jason interviewed for a position at a nuclear power plant in Columbia, South Carolina in late March. He felt the interview went very well and was extremely confident that he was going to get an offer from this company. Because he was so confident, I was as well. He was told he'd hear back regarding the job within 2 weeks.

We both felt God was leading us to Columbia, SC. My brother and his family live in Columbia. My parents are just one hour away. We love the area. I started looking for jobs, and thanks to Brooke, I got an interview for a position where I'd be doing exactly what I do right now.

Weeks went by, and we didn't hear anything from the nuclear power plant. On April 18th, Jason interviewed for another nuclear power plant in Augusta, Georgia. He didn't really have any expectations for this interview because he was so certain the job in South Carolina was going to work out. I pushed him to go on the interview because I wanted to have a Plan B.

As time passed by, we got very discouraged. Finally, on April 19th, he got a job offer. Jason was ecstatic; I was not. I can't really tell you why. The offer was for less money than we expected, and the company was not offering a great sign on bonus. That wasn't the reason I wasn't excited.... I can't really explain how I was feeling. I was grocery shopping when he called to tell me about the offer, and I remember being in the car, on the way home and crying to a friend "What if this isn't the right thing for our family? What if God wants us to be somewhere else?" For the record, my friend thought I was being both crazy and ungrateful. She said "God HAS provided, Andrea. If he didn't want you to be in Columbia, He would have provided this job."


I put on my big girl panties and prepared myself to be a supportive spouse, no matter my misgivings. We started looking for daycares and places to live. I even got offered the job I had interviewed for. Everything was signed, sealed, and delivered... or so I thought.

As I said, Jason got the job offer on April 19th. The next day, we were sent his official offer letter and other paperwork. Jason didn't sign the offer right away because we had questions. We kept trying to call HR and our calls were not returned. Our questions were deflected. We got an email that said our offer letter was wrong - that they had offered us one amount but OOPS! they had made a mistake and the amount was actually less. Not cool... not cool at all. Anyway, all this constant back and forth and mis-communication resulted in our not immediately pulling the trigger on the job... although we did intend to accept the job.

On April 28th, Jason called me to tell me the nuclear power plant in Augusta, Georgia had made him an offer. He was so incredibly happy when he called me - I was blown away by the excitement in his voice. The offer was for much more money, a bigger sign on bonus, and many more perks than the position in Columbia, South Carolina. The job had a schedule that was more family friendly. Accepting that offer was a no brainer for us. I felt a sense of peace immediately that I had no felt when he got the offer for the job in Columbia, SC.

God is in control. Always. 

So now at least we have a destination, right? :) We put in an offer on a house, and now we're looking at moving sometime in July. There are still details that need to be ironed out - I need a job and we need to find renters for our house here in Charleston - but I believe God is in control and he is the master of the details, not me.

Thank you for your support, always. I appreciate y'all more than you know.

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