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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Nursery is Done!

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When I first found out I was having a baby, I immediately began thinking about what I wanted the nursery to look like. I didn’t know if it was a boy or girl, but that didn’t stop me! One thing I did know is that I didn’t want to break the bank on nursery decor. To that end, I scoured Craigslist, Goodwill, and other secondhand stores for supplies and furniture. I wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty, and the husband was on board as well.

A friend of mine, knowing my love of all things zebra, emailed me to tell me TJ Maxx had this Wendy Bellissimo baby bedding on sale. I scored the crib skirt, bumper, and sheet for $69.00.

At that point, I knew I had something to work with. I hit the web in search of inspiration and found it via Design Dazzle. I absolutely loved this room and knew I wanted to do something similar.

We didn’t start to work on the nursery – at all – until Thanksgiving, when Jason painted the room. We’re big believers in procrastination in this household. The stripes were a nightmare, according to the husband, but I think that is because he didn’t have any help. (Thank you, friend who promised to help and bailed. You stink.)

Here’s a tip for painting stripes, straight from the husband: purchase a few two by fours in the dimensions/width of your stripes. We did stripes of varying widths, so he went to Lowes and had them cut pieces of wood to match. Then he leaned the two by fours up against the wall (propped up by another piece of wood – he did this when he was home alone one weekend) and traced with a pencil. Easy peasy (but tedious) once he figured out that step.

Picture 022

The paint is all from Lowes (Valspar Signature). I had no idea how expensive paint was! I think this was the most expensive purchase, honestly. Paint and supplies came to about $200.00. Three of the walls are painted green, and the stripes are white, chocolate brown, khaki, and green.

Progress stalled on the nursery until the last week in December, when we decided to kick it into high gear. My mom, the master sewer, took on a massive project. She sewed the rocker & ottoman cushions, curtains, bed skirt, pillows, and lamp shade. It took her two full weekends.

When I found out I was being put on bed rest, I honestly thought there was no way the nursery would get done before he got here. My mom, Jason, and my wonderful friend Angel rallied together to help me this weekend. And by help, I mean they did all the work while I supervised.

Without further adieu… here’s the finished room!

IMG_0069The view looking in from the door

IMG_0070Looking straight ahead

I didn’t realize how small the room was until we began to try and fit everything in. I had actually purchased a changing table that there isn’t room for, so that project was scrapped. This room was originally our guest bedroom, so I wanted to incorporate a bed. It will be a great place for guests and mom to sleep when needed.



The bed was purchased from Craigslist for $65.00. I didn’t even have to paint it! I got the comforter and sheet set from Target for less than $20.00. My mom was browsing at Kohl’s one day and happened to see a sheet set that matched my crib bedding perfectly, so I snapped that up ($35.00). She made the bed skirt and pillows out of that fabric. The small pillow is actually a drop cloth from Lowes ($5.00) with letters embroidered from leftover fabric.

IMG_0074Close up of the crib bedding – it matches perfectly!


The prints are from Etsy (4 prints for $40.00 – including shipping from India). The frames were 40% off at Michaels. Even at 40% off, the frames were a little more than I wanted to spend ($100.00) but I love the dark, rustic wood. If I had more time, I would have searched Goodwill for frames and painted them, but time ran out for me.



The cushion on the ottoman was recovered by my mom, and she created the pillow as well. The toy bin was a shower gift from my cousin and aunt.

I scoured Joann’s, Hancock, and Hobby Lobby for fabric. I ended up with the tan and brown for the rocker/ottoman, the jaguar print for the curtains and lamp shade, and a green/white/brown combo for the moses basket, which you’ll see a little later. I spent a total of $120.00 on fabric.


The curtain rods are bamboo ($6.00 each at Hobby Lobby). The curtains are drop cloths ($5.00 per panel – I used a total of 4 panels) with a little fabric embellishment. I spent about $50.00 on curtain hardware and ring clips. (Who knew rings clips were so dang expensive? Not me.)

My crib is the Graco Victoria, and was a gift from my parents. IMG_0071

The rocker is another Craigslist find - $50.00! I was going to paint it white, but once we got it in the room I liked the cherry brown. I thought it balanced out all the other white furniture in the room.



This little wastebasket was just sitting in my garage, and I repurposed it and the mirror for Cooper’s nursery. They are demos from my days as a Southern Living at Home consultant.



This is one of my favorite things about the room! We purchased skinny bamboo rods ($10.00 for a set of 6) from Hobby Lobby, and used jute and hot glue to make block letters spelling his name.


The dresser came from Craigslist as well ($65.00). It was originally black. We cleaned the dresser with a heavy duty degreaser, and then lightly sanded. Jason did two coats of primer and two coats of white paint. The drawer pulls are from Babies R Us. The canisters and vase were repurposed from other areas of the house. The frame is a cheap acrylic frame, backed with fabric and pictures of Jason and I as babies.

IMG_0078 IMG_0104

IMG_0079Adorable bin I received at my shower – it is packed with blankets.


We had a little empty space left, and thanks to some Target gift cards purchased this bookshelf. The wicker baskets are from Target, and the safari basket was a shower gift.


I picked up the lamp for $6.00 at Ross. It had a hideous shade, but I loved the base. My mom took some extra fabric and made one long continuous sash. The she just wound the sash around the shade, overlapping slightly for the “bunched” effect. I love it!

The last project (and according to my mom, the hardest) was the bedding for the moses basket. I found the moses basket and stand on – you guessed it! – Craigslist for $50.00. The bedding is reversible.


IMG_0113 IMG_0112

Well, there you have it! Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to let me know what you think!

Thursday, January 7, 2010



Do you see a resemblance? All we need are some garden tools!

Wow, it’s been an eventful week. I’m 36 weeks (9 months) pregnant and boy, are things moving right along!

I went in Monday to by OB for my weekly appointment, expecting more of the same: waiting, weighing, blood pressure, measurements, and “see you next week!” Um… not so much. My blood pressure was sky high and there was protein in my urine (signs of preeclampsia). I was seen immediately by the doctor, who checked me (I’m 2 cm dilated) and decided to send me to Labor & Delivery for monitoring. I believe the exact words out of the mid-wife’s mouth was “you might have a baby today!” I think I made it out of the doctor’s office before I started crying.

I actually feel very foolish, because there were several signs of preeclampsia over the weekend. On Friday, my mom and I were at Wal-Mart, and I decided to use one of their machines to check my blood pressure, which was 192/130. I was sure that the machine was malfunctioning, so I just ignored it. I also had a wicked headache, and on Saturday my vision was blurred (which I blamed on needing new contacts). Genius, Andrea.

Once I got to L&D, they did blood pressure checks every 10 minutes and a non-stress test to monitor Cooper’s heart rate. He was fine… I was not. My blood pressure was 180/120 at the highest point, probably because I was scared out of my mind. After about an hour, another doctor from the practice came into to tell me she was admitting me for 24 hour observation. I’d receive regular blood pressure checks and do a 24 hour urine collection (which is what it sounds like… every pee is emptied into a big jug, and they test it for creatine and protein at the end of the 24 hours).

The hospital stay was no fun, but my blood pressure did eventually come down into the 155/100 range. The 24 hour urine test showed extremely high levels of protein and creatine, so I was ordered home on bed rest. I saw yet another doctor (there are 5 in my OB practice) who said that she did not expect me to make it past 38 weeks, and at this point, they were simply shooting for me to make it one more week (to 37 weeks).

I went back for another appointment today, and my BP and protein levels are still elevated. I’ve been scheduled for an induction for next Thursday (1/14/10) but there is still the possibility they will need to induce before then due to my preeclampsia or perhaps he will come on his own. Of course, the hope is that he would come on his own, but I don’t think that will happen.

I really don’t know what to think. The past week has been a roller coaster of emotions and at this point I just am happy to have something semi-settled so I can plan. All I want is for my baby to be healthy and I’m trying to quiet all my expectations about how I wanted my birth experience to be because his health and my health trumps what I thought I wanted to happen, you know? Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I would appreciate it!

A few questions:

  • Any advice from those who had been induced? (No horror stories, please – I’m scared enough)
  • Anything I should or shouldn’t pack for the hospital?

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