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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Famous Chihuahuas


George was the first chihuahua to enter our lives. Before we got married, Jason and I had talked about getting a dog that would keep me company while he was out to sea for months on end. He left for deployment sooner than we expected, and we weren’t able to find a dog before he left. While I was visiting my parents, I went to the mall and wandered into the pet store. There was a tiny chihuahua, staring at me with his big pitiful eyes. The employee, sensing an easy mark, invited me to hold him. I was hooked. 15 minutes later, he was mine.


I had no idea what to name him. I woke up in the middle of the night and inspiration struck – George! (I should have gone back to bed and tried again later.) George weighed in at an itty bitty 5 pounds for about 5 months, and (in what seemed like) overnight he gained about 8 pounds. Apparently the pet store was less than truthful - George was not a pureblood chihuahua. We are 90% sure that he has some Jack Russell in him.


George is quite the character. Of the two chihuahuas, he is the affectionate one. Despite his size, he will find a way to wiggle into any lap that will hold him. He loves to be held, but he also loves his alone time. If he isn’t in our laps, he is most likely lying on our bed, asleep. George loves to play and jump. He is a fierce protector. He barks endlessly at all intruders, but he is the first to give in and make friends once he realizes our guests are not there to hurt us.


Picture 008

We got JC in April 2004. JC is a purebred chihuahua, and he rules the roost. When we brought JC home, he wanted nothing to do with George. We eventually started crating them together, and through that they developed a tolerance for one another. When we’re around, they like to pretend that they don’t like one another. However, whenever they think no one is looking, I catch them giving kisses and cuddling up against one another.



JC is the alpha dog. He climbs all over George – I see him using George as a stepping stone or sleeping on top of him all the time. JC loves to cuddle, but only if we’re actively giving him attention. He will sit for hours if he’s getting belly rubs, but the minute we stop he’s off to bigger and better things. He does not like it when George takes our attention.

Picture 090

JC does not like strangers. Period. He loves Jason and me, and he likes my parents, but anyone else is no bueno. It takes him a very long time to warm up to people, and most of the time we have to leave him alone with that person for him to form an attachment.



I view my pets as family members. As challenging and exasperating as they are sometimes, they are here for life. I love my boys. They have been the one constant in my life since I’ve gotten married. Through deployments, moves, changes in job, pregnancy, you name it – they’ve been there when others have not. They keep me sane and provide me with endless hours of entertainment.

Picture 025

I have fun times dressing up my dogs in costumes. They aren’t crazy about it, but I’m convinced they tolerate because they love me. Of course, they get their revenge by shedding all over every nice piece of clothing I own, hogging the covers, and passing horrendous gas just when I’m about to fall asleep. Fun times.

Picture 037

Did I mention that JC talks? He does. Here’s the proof.


Beach Bum & Baby said...

I loved reading this post!! I always like to hear how people ended up with their animals! And I think it's hilarious bc my girls act like they don't love each other but I know they do - sometimes they even show it! LOL!

And I am DYING over all of the cute outfits you have for them! The Karate Kid one (I'm hoping that is what it is...) takes the cake! Too funny!!! :)

And I'm 110% our dogs are family, end of story!! :)

Chloe said...

Petunia talks to me, too, just like that! Hysterical.

Lobster costume = dying.

sprinkles said...

I've missed your chihuahua posts!

My Shiver doesn't seem to like anyone but me. He's very shy. Chico, on the other hand, will bark at a guest for several minutes but then he's perfectly happy to crawl up in their lap for some lovin' when he sees they aren't going away.

My chi's only seem to tolerate each other when they're in the house but they'll play together outside. Shiver likes to lick Chico sometimes and Chico lets him. If he tries to get away, Shiver follows him and continues the licking. lol

~*Katie*~ said...

That video was sooo cute!! Your dogs are adorable!!!

Susannah said...

Too cute! That picture of them together and George in a sailor hat is too much!

Cole said...

Of course the boys are family members!!!

OMG, I forgot how adorable JC talking is!

Bonnie said...

I loved this post! You know I have 2 chi-chi's also. Milton is 3/4 chihuahua & 1/4 rat terrier. Billie Bean is full chihuahua & like 1/3 of the size of Milton, but she rules him! Milton is such a wuss. It makes me mad that he such a wussy! I'll give them each a T-R-E-A-T & I will go back 5 minutes later & Billie Bean with have them BOTH! I tell him to "man up" all the time, hahaha! I've had Milton for almost 7 years & Billie Bean for almost 6. We got both dogs before we were married too & they are my babies. We have a lot in common...both have chi-chi's & both have baby boys!

Oh, my dogs also have a MySpace page :) I made it years ago! Listen to the song I put on there. It's awesome!


<3 Bon

Lishak said...

Love, love, love this post! I don't know what I'd do during deployments without my boys either!
Thanks for not being one of those people that have a baby and shove the cute puppies out the door. :)
Your boys are too adorable!

LG said...

I love that video! He is a brilliant doggy!

Vanessa said...

Awwww doggies... So freaking adorable! I love the looks on their faces while wearing outfits!

sealaura said...

I love your boys. They are so cute and that video is hysterical. He is quite the talker!

Kathiey said...

I love your dog. My daughter has a Chihuahua, Captain Morgan. I just posted some photos of him on my blog.
Take Care

Meghan said...

Love this post and the pictures!! I have 2 chi'chi's and I also find them snuggling and such, but only when I am not actively playing/snuggling with them. hope you have a great week

Chihuahua Girl said...

Oh my gosh! Can your little Chihuahua's be any cuter?! I just want to kiss them and snuggle with them all day long. :-)

Chihuahua's hold a special place in my heart as I have two myself. They are my world!

I love your blog and am now following you. I found you on The Design Girl's portfolio. I invite you to check out my blog and follow me if you'd like at http://parkavenuechihuahua.blogspot.com/

Have a wonderful evening! :-)

~ Tina

AlissaDawn said...

I too am a Chihuahua owner and LOVE my boy Charlie. I try not to talk about him too much cause I am sure no one cares but me, but now I know that I am not the only Chi lover out there. Yours are really sweet!
Come visit me!

Jennifer said...

Loved the video! Too cute!

Ellen Ross said...

love this!! i have 4 chihuahuas (just adopted a 4th this weekend) - check out my blog Ellenross.blogspot.com

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