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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Picture post!

Jason and I went to Cypress Gardens this weekend. I wanted to share the pictures we took because the place is absolutely beautiful! The swamp has been the setting for many movies, such as The Patriot, The Notebook, and Swamp Thing. Here's the website: http://www.cypressgardens.info/welcome.html

Taking a boat ride through the swamp.

Remember the duck scene from The Notebook? The ducks were brought in just for that scene. How I wish Ryan Gosling would row me around the swamp.... sigh!

There's an alligator swimming by, off to the left. The swamp has 8 miles of walking trails. Jason stepped off the trail to get a closer look at the water and nearly stepped on this alligator. A baby alligator crossed our path later that day, and a snake as well.

Baby alligator I mentioned above.

You have no idea how close I had to get for this picture. ;) Haha! Kidding, he's enclosed in a pen.

Here's a shot from the Butterfly Garden. They were everywhere! It sort of creeped me out, actually.

350 pound turtle

Check out those teeth!

All in all, this was a great day. It was $18 for a day pass, and $36 for a year pass, so we got the year pass. We plan to return often.

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