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Sunday, September 30, 2007

For all you other makeup addicts out there...

This fall is supposed to be all about red lips and thick, black liquid liner. I finally found a great red lipstick that doesn't make me look trampy :) but I struggle with applying liquid liner. My hands shake and I end up getting the liner all over my eye. However, I found a great tutorial on youtube with a nifty little trick! I'm going to try it out and I'll let you know how it works. If you try it, come back and report your results!


Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday Night on ABC

"Sometimes change is everything."

How good was Grey's?!

I had really mixed feelings prior to the premiere because I didn't like the way the season ended last spring. I was sick of Meredith and her self-obsessive, whiny "I'm a loner yet I'm secretly uber-needy" tendencies. I did not like the pairing of Izzie and George. I didn't like it when George committed adultery, mainly because I love me some Callie. I do like the thoughtful, loving Alex, but I didn't like him with Ava/Rebecca. I had secret hopes that Alex would be the one to bring Izzie out of her Denny depression, but I think that storyline is a lost cause. I love McSteamy, but they haven't spent enough time fleshing out his character.

Anyway... how good was this episode? I loved that they started off by giving the same speech that Bailey gave them their first day. I am loving Lexie Grey... I love the speech she gave George. My favorite moment of the show was the bit when the little girl blinked three times to tell her dad she loved him. Brilliant! Mark's "I came back for you!" speech was both funny and sweet. I can't wait for next week.

Ugly Betty was really good, too. I was waiting for the end throughout the whole show because I just knew that they were going to reveal that Santos had died. The moment itself was very sad and emotional. You really don't expect that from Ugly Betty, but it was a great way to end the show.

What did you think?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

America's Next Top Model says no to smoking

Tonight's photo shoot on ANTM was about the effects of smoking. The girls were first photographed in full makeup and fancy clothes, posing in front of a mirror with a cigarette. Then they re-did their makeup to reflect the adverse effects of smoking and photographed the girls as a reflection in the mirror. One girl had no hair, one was breathing with the aid of an oxygen machine, and another was heavily aged. I thought it was brilliant. The pictures were very thought-provoking.

During judging, Tyra announced that smoking would be banned for all of the models.

Now, I know many people will argue that this is unfair or cruel, but I absolutely agree with her decision. First of all, I've never understood why in the world a model would smoke. If you make your money off of your looks, and smoking ages you, dries out your skin, and makes your teeth and fingers yellow (not to mention that it can cause cancer) why in the world would you smoke?

One of the most important people in my life died from lung cancer, and now my FIL has cancer as well. I don't agree with smoking and I don't want it happening around me. If any of my friends do smoke, I support and love them, but I don't like the action of smoking. I'm sorry if that is rude, but I want to see my loved ones live long and happy lives, and I've seen that smoking can cut your life short. I don't want that happening to anyone I care about.

Off my soapbox... I apologize in advance if I've ruffled any feathers.


While visiting Sam's blog today at http://www.simonssez.com/musings/, I found a fun little game of tag. Here's how you play:

Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

8 Random Things About Andrea

1. I also, like Sam, have an unhealthy addiction to all things girly, like hair products, skincare, and makeup. My makeup stash alone fill up one dresser drawer, two traincases, and lots of random space on top of my dresser. I just make a resolution that I won't buy any new makeup or hair products until the new year unless I need a replacement for something I already use and own. Here's hoping I can stick with it!

2. I love to shop (another thing I have in common with Sam!). I get perverse pleasure from any type of shopping. When I'm upset, angry, or depressed, I shop and I feel better. I'm working on finding other ways to deal with my feelings because I know that isn't good for my wallet or for me. Shopping for groceries is just as fun as shoe or purse shopping. I love specialty grocery stores... I can spend hours at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods just looking at all the groceries they don't sell at "normal" grocery stores.

3. I love to read, and I read very quickly. I read about four to five books a week. My reading material of choice is trashy romance novels. I know I should be reading biographies or self-help books to "expand my mind" but trash is just so much more entertaining.

4. I know way too much about celebrities, and my husband does by proxy.

5. I love to cook, but I get very stressed out when I do it. I don't understand how some people find it relaxing. I'm always worried about getting all the dishes ready and on the table at the same time. I get really upset with myself when something I cook doesn't come out well.

6. When I was in college, a few friends of mine broke into an old, abandoned residence hall the night before graduation. There were rumors that the building was haunted and it was a rite of passage to get into the building before you left school. The college used the building as storage and we all took a little something from the building as a souvenir.

7. I have secret aspirations of being on a reality show.

8. I think the TIVO (DVR) is the best invention since sliced bread. My TIVO is my BFF. I seriously would have withdrawals if she broke.

I'm tagging Hope, Emily, Celia, Dulcie, and Tiffany. Get busy, girls! ;)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall TV

Why do I persist in watching the Bachelor? I can't quite figure out why I keep TIVOing this show. I usually end up fast forwarding the majority of the show because of the corny dialogue and blatant desperate machinations of the girls. I just heard one of the girls ask the Bachelor to take his pants off. Because we all now the way to win the heart of a guy is to ask him to take his clothes off.

Wait... that probably is the way to win the heart of a guy.

Reality shows in general are starting to get out of hand. Now, I love me some reality TV. I love The Amazing Race, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, The Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, Beauty and the Geek... the list goes on and on. I'm even embarrassed to admit that I still watch all the MTV reality shows, like the Real World and The Hills. While watching this mind-numbing trash, I saw a preview for a new reality show in which an Internet "star" will search for love. The catch? She's bi-sexual and the show will have 10 men and 10 women competing for her love. Ugh. That's just tacky, not to mention greedy.

I think it says a lot about our population and culture that the majority of TV programming are shows in which we are voyeurs into other people's lives. The whole "reality" label is very misleading, IMO. Most of these shows are either scripted (The Hills, for example) or prompted. In the Real World, the producers purposely look for people with irritating or aggressive personalities. They plop those people into a house with roommates with conflicting personalities and values, and then ply them all with with alcohol until drama ensues. To make things more interesting, they take away all alternate forms of entertainment (no TV, radios, newspapers, or magazines) so that all they can do for fun is fight, have sex, or get drunk. Even though I do admit to watching this show, I'm both amazed and disgusted at the way the participants act. A lot of people will argue that what you see is creative editing. I say you can't edit something that never happened in the first place.

Anyway.... I'm very excited about the return of my old favorite shows: Heroes, Ugly Betty, Dancing With The Stars, Grey's, and Desperate Housewives. I'm also looking forward to Samantha Who, Chuck, Reaper, Gossip Girl, and Bionic Woman. My TIVO will be full, that's for sure!

Check out http://tv.yahoo.com/falltv2007;_ylt=AnLHzDOJv899GpPxqjps4CyAo9EF for previews of old and new shows.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Another update

Good news... Jason got emergency leave to go home and see his dad. He'll be able to be with his family when his dad goes to the doctor to get his test results. This will be the first time he's seen them in three years.

Jason's dad sent out a Red Cross message requesting that Jason have leave to come home. The morning that the boat received the message, he was called into his Captain's office and given 17 days of emergency leave. It's funny to me how the command wasn't concerned when Jason explained about his dad, but they rushed to accommadate him once they received the Red Cross message. I guess it is easy to ignore a sailor, but not so easy to ignore the Admiral and the Red Cross. Whatever... I'm just thankful this all worked out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Update on my last post

The plot thickens...

I was able to cancel Jason's plane ticket yesterday and I only lost the $7 Travelocity fee. If I had waited any longer, we would have forfeited the entire amount. Note to self: travel insurance is a necessity when dealing with the Navy. We're just keeping our fingers crossed that whatever command he goes to will let him take leave.

Jason also found out today that his Chief has known since last week that he was being transferred to another command. Isn't that a coincidence, since the same guy told Jason his leave dates were set in stone and he was clear to buy plane tickets? The guy bold-faced lied to Jason's face. Apparently he told one of Jason's co-workers that he didn't plan on Jason finding out he was being transferred until the day before it happened. Nice, huh? This is the same guy who regularly bashes his workers to the rest of the division when the guy in question is not around. Now that's a good leader!

The EDMC is the one who actually came to Jason and told him he was being transferred and that his leave was being revoked (since obviously his Chief dropped the ball). Jason explained about the situation with his dad and told him we had already purchased plane tickets and the EDMC said he would see what he could do. Today he came to Jason and said he could stay on the boat and keep his leave, but he would be extended. Um, negative. We're not extending and losing our orders. What the heck? We'll take our chances with the next command.

You know, the command always says they care about families, but their actions say differently. We both agree that this is personal - Jason's being punished. I know that sounds very paranoid, but I knew once I resigned from the ombudsman position that Jason would be punished for my decision. I'm seriously considering writing a letter to the command once Jason is transferred. I know it won't make one bit of impact, but I feel like someone needs to stand up for all the other families who might experience something similar.

I'm having my own troubles at work, too. But that's information for another post...

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Why is it that your life can be moving along relatively uneventfully, and then BOOM! bad news starts coming at you from every angle? It's the rule of the Navy --> when your husband is scarce, everything can and will go wrong.

Jason called this morning to tell me that the command has decided to transfer him off the boat and to a shore command at the beginning of October. This is both good and bad news. The good news is that we no longer will have to deal with the whims of the USS Nebraska, and Jason will no longer have to deal with some very toxic co-workers. However, the bad news is that we're going to be losing a lot of money each month, money we had expected to continue receiving until we moved.

For my non-Navy readers: Jason receives basic pay each month, pay that each person of his rank/years in the Navy receives. On top of that, he gets some additional money for his particular job: sea pay (for going out to sea), sub pay (for being attached to a submarine), and what we call pro pay (basically extra money because his job is considered hazardous). We'll be losing sea, sub, and pro pay by getting transferred from the command early. We knew we would be losing that money come February but we had been counting on continuing to receive it until then.

Thank God I work... but what will happen when we move? What if it takes me a few months to find a job? When we moved up here to Washington, it took me 9 months to find a job. Christmas is coming up, and there are presents to buy. I'm also worried about moving; there always seems to be unexpected costs (like having your car die while driving across country, which actually did happen on our move to Washington). I've heard some horror stories about the charges some people have received when moving out of housing, and I'm praying that doesn't happen to us. One family had to pay for new carpet, painting, etc --$3000!

We also heard this morning that Jason's upcoming leave may be cancelled due to this transfer. We had already purchased a plane ticket for him to go home and visit, and since I didn't purchase insurance, we might lose that money entirely. I think that is what upsets me most. Jason hasn't been home in 3 years, and it burns me up that the command specifically told him these dates were confirmed and that he could go ahead and purchase a ticket home. Now they are saying the "needs of the Navy" come first and there is nothing they can do. This command says they are family focused, but their actions indicate otherwise. I'm not scared to say that publicly, either.

Oh, how I wish I could return to my college days, where I was able to live, and live well, off of less than $100 a week. Growing up stinks!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yummy shrimp recipe

I made this tonight for dinner, and it was delicious! You should have most of the ingredients on hand, and it takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.

3-4 lemons
Worcestershire sauce
1 stick butter

The amount of shrimp depends on the amount of people you need to feed. I used one bag of raw shrimp. You can use whatever kind you want, but make sure it is raw shrimp and not cooked. If the shrimp is frozen, throw them in a bowl of cool water and let them sit for a few minutes. It only takes a few minutes to defrost.

Spread out the shrimp on a baking sheet. Generously coat with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and sprinkle, again very generously, with salt and pepper. I used a McCormick salt & pepper steak blend, and it turned out great. Add the juice of 3-4 lemons, about 1/2 cup of Worcestershire sauce, and about 15-20 shakes of Tabasco. I also added some garlic powder. Top with one stick of butter, sliced.

Cook for 10 minutes in your oven under the broiler setting. Add some bread to sop up some of the juice and you've got a complete meal!

Darn you, Walmart!

So last week I headed to Walmart for a late night shopping fix. I made it to the cash register with 10 minutes until closing, and wouldn't you know, the cash registers pick that very moment to shut down. After scanning my card numerous times (the cashier to me: "Try it again, ma'am!") I was told that the debit/credit reader was no longer working. Well, ok, that makes sense, seeing as the vast majority of Americans no longer use cash or checks. Good luck with that one, Walmart.

After about 20 minutes of calling every worker over to commiserate, my cashier finally stated I would have to pay by cash or check. I pulled out my seldom used checkbook, and was promptly handed back my check. Apparently they have the technology to instantly withdraw funds via your check but they can't quite figure out "that there check card contraption". I headed home to nurse my Walmart-induced headache with sleep and Tylenol.

Today I went to balance my checkbook, and apparently my favorite store Walmart has decided to charge me three times for that one purchase. NICE! I called up my friendly neighborhood banking representative, who asked "Have you spoken to Walmart?" Um, no, lady, I have not. I'm speaking to you. You are my bank, and I would like your assistance in handling this matter. Besides, can't you imagine what that conversation (with Walmart) would be like? Keep your fingers crossed this gets solved without me having to cop an attitude with someone, which I apparently am very good at, according to my mother.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Location!

So after a few months of blogging over at http://andrealeigh.vox.com/ I've started to wonder why no one ever leaves comments on my blog. You can imagine the self-reflection that followed --> Am I boring? Am I one of those people who thinks I am funny, only to be tragically unfunny to those around me? Does my grammar stink? Hmmmm...

It finally dawned on me that maybe it was too difficult for my readers to leave comments. Being the detective I like to imagine myself to be, I viewed my blog as an outsider would, and found out you had to create a Vox account to leave comments for me. Well, readers, that just won't do. I've decided to move over here to Blogger, where you don't have to sign in or create an account to view messages. Go ahead, try it. (Seriously!) While you are at it, subscribe to my blog so you can get email updates whenever I post. (Yep, I know all two of you are dying read my updates.)

Are you wondering what the deal is with the name of my blog? The truth is that my dogs aren't ferocious monsters, as the name implies. My Chihuahua Bites is a popular color of OPI nail polish. My chihuahuas don't bite. ;) Well, they don't if they like you. Haha!

On a more serious note, please send out lots of love, well wishes, and prayers to Jason's family. I don't have permission to tell the details, but his father is having some medical problems right now and could use your thoughts and prayers. Please pray for his family during this time.

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